Sweatpants – Explosion of Gym Wear or Sport Luxe

Sweatpants – Explosion of Gym Wear or Sport Luxe

ZARA - Sweatpants black

Sweatpants – Explosion of Gym Wear or Sport Luxe

Sometimes when I’m hunched over the keys of my laptop and writing my articles for MSF, I feel an obligation to appease the fashion savvy gent, to guide him on his daily wears, to somehow find the positive in an item of clothing I may not like. I often feel that being critical of a trend, a particular item of the male wardrobe or a colour I find particularity displeasing on the eye helps not me nor my readers. The crux of my articles are to extend the boundaries of the male fashion psyche, not hinder them. Then along come sweatpants.

Explosion of Sweatpants

Mark my words, this Spring / Summer ’13 is going to see an explosion of sweatpants stepping away from their natural habitat of the gym and sauntering down a high-street near you and I for one will never be convinced. I have never been a fan of the sweatpant, not even in the sporting environment (what’s wrong with training in good old fashioned shorts?) but to see them become a part of the fashion world is simply wrong.

Sweatpants are uncouth, they have no shape, they regale against everything sartorial standards strive for and yet lo-and-behold, they are one of the key trends to emerge for the forthcoming season.


Sport-luxe as it has been termed – reader please note: everything in fashion must have a certain clothing parlance – first stepped into the limelight in women’s fashion last year, due in the main to people like Stella Mcartney and the London Olympics, and the baton has been picked up and run with by the male fashion set.

Teamed with t-shirts, which I can understand but would still never be seen walking down the street in, or with a formal shirt, yes really, a formal shirt, the sweatpant is about to have its day in the fashion limelight.

Thankfully though, with a trend being just that, by the time you’ve read this, I can only hope they’ll be beating a hasty retreat back to their rightful home in the gym and on the sofa.

For those of you brave / foolish enough to be seen anywhere near a pair of sweatpants on the streets of your city this summer, I can only admire you. See, I’m still trying to be positive.

sweatpants - sport luxe

London Fashion week 2013

sweatpants - sport luxe

London Fashion week 2013

sweatpants - London Fashion Week


I thought it was Jonny Depp?

Sweatpants Sports wear 2013


ZARA - Biker sweatpants for men


Oblique front zipper - Sweatpants


Famous Brand Denim Harem - Sweatpants

Denim Harem – Sweatpants

Ian Velardi - Sweatpants

Ian Velard – Sweatpants

Sweatpants - sport deluxe for men

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