The task of finding the perfect present for your boyfriend or husband was never an easy one. Girls are much easier to please in terms of gifts. You can choose from clothing, make-up items, amazing kitchen tools, and an ocean of things! And guys… Well, socks, razors, and bathroom sets are way too trite. Though, brainstorming gift ideas isn’t as easy as one may imagine.

And how can we forget the 2021 conditions? There is no such option of buying gym memberships or anything related to friends’ outings. Now it’s the time to get creative. However, try not to forget about keeping the presents useful. You want them to be used daily, don’t you?

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Bracelets For Men To Keep Him Stylish

If asked, any man will tell you that he’s got things to wear. Meaning T-shirts, pants, and socks, of course. But has he got the accessories to spice outfits up daily? We’re talking pieces that are suitable for any event, any season, and any style of clothes.  A men’s bracelet is an amazing way to surprise your man for his birthday or any occasion, and, at the same time, upgrade his style and self-confidence.

There is a bracelet for every style a man can have. Beaded bracelets for men, chain ones, men’s leather bracelets, and many more to choose from. You can also consider ankle bracelets or anklets for a new and different style. You can check out and buy anklets for men from different online stores such as Puravida Bracelets.

bracelets man

Having said that there are many styles of them, there is one bracelet for men that deserves all the highlight. Men’s wood beaded bracelets are an option you just can’t go wrong with! They look outstanding with almost any outfit you put together.

This piece is a good example of what we mean. A variety of wood types and earthy colors are strung on sturdy silicone bands. Black, gray, and red wooden beads, along with 1 signature metal bead, coordinate beautifully together. This combination is subtle and classy enough to wear with business clothes. Plus, they’re just under 40 bucks, which makes an affordable yet extremely stylish present.

Planners To Help Manage Tasks And Time

As we’ve mentioned before, the year 2021 has been quite a challenge. A lot of businesses and employees shifted to working from home. And now, they’re the only ones responsible for not missing deadlines and tasks. There is no boss around to kindly remind one of the mess on his/her desk or the unanswered emails. Here’s a way to free two birds with one key – give a great present and help your man out with the managing challenges. N-O-T-E-B-O-O-K!

Dated notebooks help keep track of all the meetings and tasks scheduled for the week. Trust us, no one should rely solely on their mind for remembering every little work detail. Even if your boyfriend or hubby doesn’t work from home, a planner would absolutely elevate the performance at work.


What is more, a stylish planner can be a great addition to the decor of your man’s working desk. So, look for planners without bright pink unicorns on the cover of the notebook. The more pleasant it looks, the more he’d want to use it.

And by the way, don’t forget to put the anniversary date onto the notebook’s calendar. He’ll thank you later!

Help Him Stay Hydrated With A Flask

We all know how important it is to keep ourselves hydrated at all times. How many people are doing it, though? Make your man one of those people by presenting him with a water flask. Yes, this gift idea doesn’t sound THAT exciting, but it’s something your loved one will thank you for later.

drinking flask

It’s hard to argue that this is one of the most versatile present ideas that exist. Whether your man is a little bit of a couch potato or a fitness-nerd, he will find the water flask being used daily. Especially now, when you think of the upcoming hot summer days, you realize just how spot on the flask is. Furthermore, it is sustainable for the planet present. A reusable water bottle will save money and the planet at the same time.

Not-So-Trite Bathroom Sets

Last but not least, shaving kits! If you want your man to feel expensive and classy every day, then go with this option. This set will definitely stand out from all the ones that his friends got.

Bathroom Set

Shaving sets are useful for every man, regardless of age. Try to find the one that will look stylish in the bathroom.

There isn’t much to say about this choice for a gift, as they didn’t get this reputation for nothing.

So, no matter how difficult your boyfriend or husband is to please, there is a way out for anyone. The process of finding the perfect gift for your man may be tricky, but it sure is worth it. The short and prompt “Thank you” will pay off all the effort.