Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but if you have a family member or friend who loves sports, gift-giving doesn’t need to be stressful.

What are the top sporty gifts this year? The secret is to find something that reflects their interests. Think about whether they have a favourite team or a passion for a specific activity such as cycling, basketball or running. 

To get you started, we have put together the following list of foolproof sporty gift ideas.

A Pair of Retro Sneakers

Who wouldn’t love a pair of Jordan 1s? This is a gift that is both cool and practical, as these sneakers can be worn with any outfit. These are the shoes that Michael Jordan had a hand in creating, as the original Jordan 1s were the reason the basketball star agreed to become the face of Nike.

Since 1985 these basketball shoes have been iconic, and they aren’t just for the court. Fans of fashion and comfort have been wearing them every day, and you can buy a pair for someone special — and a pair for yourself.

Nike Jordan 1

NikeJordan 1

A Bicycle

Cycling is a fun way to keep fit, and it isn’t just for the kids. If you have someone in your life who enjoys the great outdoors, a bicycle and helmet could be the perfect gift.

Selecting a bike rests upon the needs and preferences of its user. Are you doing tricks? Is there a need for speed? Or is the goal going up and down mountains? 

Today, the market offers a variety of bikes. Road bikes and mountain bikes are the more popular ones that are selling like hotcakes in the market due to their versatility in usual bike terrains. 

There are also high-quality motorized bicycles, which are great options for grandma, grandpa, and regular bike commuters. These bikes use gas or electricity, so they require less effort and time to reach a destination. With these, senior family members will enjoy bike rides without overworking themselves.

For those on a budget, a retro refurbished set of wheels will be just as good as new. Don’t want to wrap it? Take a photo, put it in a box and hide the bike outside. Not all bicycles are the same, and you will need to find one that is the right fit. Remember, a bicycle for casual rides down the street will be different from a heavy-duty mountain bike.

Van Moof electric bike

Van Moof electric bike – the coolest on the market

Sporting Memorabilia

For a family member who prefers to watch sports than play it, memorabilia is a thoughtful option. It could be a framed team picture with a special signature, a vintage baseball, tickets to a game, a jersey or a limited-edition football.

If you are planning on purchasing something that is one of a kind, make sure you do your research and ask for a certificate. You need to know that what you are paying for is genuine, as fakes are common.


A Fitness Tracker

Most people have “get fit” on their New Year’s resolution list. If this sounds like someone you care about, help them get started with a fitness tracker. Garmin and Fitbit are two of the most popular brands, giving you the option to track steps and compete with your friends.

If you are buying a watch for another person, choose a neutral colour scheme such as black, grey or tan. These base shades will go with any outfit, and they can mix and match the bands as required.

Sporty Gifts for the Whole Family

Stuck for gift ideas? Go sporty.

Whether it is a fitness tracker for a friend who wants to improve their health, sporting memorabilia for a dedicated fan or a bicycle for exploring the sites, the perfect gift is available.

If your recipient is into fashion and comfort, you can’t go past a pair of iconic Nike Jordan 1s. No matter which option you choose, you will be sure to impress this year with a sporty gift.