A chore coat, also known as a work jacket, is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you are into streetwear or high-end fashion, the chore jacket is a staple piece and will make for a good addition to almost any style. From rugged workwear to rugged street looks, you can dress up your coat with some nice chinos and boots or make it casual by pairing it with sweatshirts and sneakers. The choice is yours but having this classic piece in your closet will definitely come in handy during cold seasons when unplanned visits outside become mandatory. We’ll walk you through the best mens chore jackets & coats to help save you as much time as we possibly can.

What is a Chore Coat?

A chore coat is a type of jacket that was originally designed for workers in the 1920’s. It usually has a very rugged appearance and it also looks good on certain kinds of streetwear outfits. Eiseman correctly identifies them as short wool jackets with side pleats, wooden toggle closures, and high necklines with wide lapels. Over time this piece evolved from being used mainly by manual labourers to something more stylish which got adopted by everyone from celebrities to your average Joe. In most cases, these coats have a military look to them but they can be made out of different materials such as leather or denim.

What is chore coat fabric?

Chore coats can be made out of different fabrics. which makes them ideal for various kinds of outfits. This piece is available in wool, cotton, and leather but it is also common to see garments made from denim, linen, and corduroy. In some cases, the material used is a combination of two or more natural fibres while others are blended with synthetic materials such as polyester.

What colours do chore jackets come in?

The colour you choose will depend on your personal taste but this piece usually comes in a vast array of shades ranging from dark brown to olive green and navy blue to black. Not only that but some manufacturers offer them in bright colours too like red or yellow depending on the season and the weather conditions outside.

How do you wear a chore coat?

There are various ways in which you can pair this specific piece. Chore coats look good with everything from ripped jeans and sneakers to chinos and leather boots. You can even make it work with tailored pants and oxford shoes too if the weather conditions allow it. The choice is yours but keep in mind that you should pair this garment with other types of outerwear such as wool scarves, sweaters, or coats for added warmth during colder months.

What kind of jackets go well with Chore Jackets?

You can match your favourite chore coat with any type of jacket you want regardless of colour, pattern, or fabric. For example, a classic khaki trench coat pairs well with it but so do peacoats, duffle coats, and leather jackets. If you are the type of guy who is into streetwear or business casual outfits then your chore coat can be worn with cardigans, v-neck sweaters, and buttoned shirts too. The possibilities are endless especially if you have more than one piece of this kind in your wardrobe.

What are the best brands for chore coats?

There are many different brands selling this kind of outerwear but some of them offer better garments than others. To give you an idea, our list contains options that combine performance with street looks in equal measures including Filson, Woolrich John Rich & Bros., Dockers By Gerli, VANQUISH London, YMC, Golden Bear, RRL Ralph Lauren, J Crew, etc. . If you want to shop online then check out sites like Amazon or eBay where you can get great deals on these products even if it seems a bit risky at first.

Why Should You Wear a Chore Coat?

Wearing a chore coat is relatively easy especially if you want to combine it with other types of outerwear. It goes well with everything from jeans and sneakers to chinos and leather boots so you can match it with just about anything in your closet. But the main reason why this garment is so popular today has to do with its minimalist yet timeless design that makes it appropriate for casual, work, or formal occasions.

Defining the Functionality of the Classic Clothing Essential

The chore coat is a classic clothing essential that has been around for quite some time now. The word «chore» in this context refers to the fact that these jackets were originally used by manual laborers as part of their job routine due to them being made from heavy fabrics and hard-wearing materials. In most cases, they looked very similar to military peacoats but over time they evolved into something more stylish which got adopted by everyone from celebrities to your average Joe. Despite its rather basic appearance, there are many different things you should know about these garments so keep on reading our article if you want to learn more.

The coat’s heavy-duty material

One of the main reasons why the chore coat is so popular today has to do with its unique style and design that’s built for all kinds of situations. Most models are made from heavy-duty materials such as cotton twill, wool, or even leather which makes them pretty resistant to wear and tear. For example, wool chore coats go well with trousers and casual outfits while corduroy ones can be matched with dress pants or jeans depending on personal preferences.

What should you look for when buying Chore Jackets?

There are plenty of things you should look for when buying your own chore coat so make sure to follow the advice we share with you in this article. For example, these jackets come in many different colors and styles so it’s important to decide whether you prefer a corduroy or wool one before making a purchase online. The material is not the only factor that determines quality because you also need to take into consideration design details such as a number of pockets, closure types (zipper vs buttons), etc.

10 Best Chore Jackets & Coats For Men

Utility Baseball Jacket

baseball jacket

Whether you are a big fan of baseball or not, this jacket will add style and functionality to any outfit. It has an old-fashioned design with snap buttons, ribbed cuffs, bottom hem, and collar which makes it a suitable autumn jacket and winter coat. On the other hand, the outer shell is made from cotton twill while the lining contains polyester so the garment is both stylish and warm.

Hybrid Bomber Jacket

History of MA-1 Bomber Jacket

This option is the perfect example of a sleek and stylish design that gets the job done. It has a simple design with asymmetrical metallic zippers, ribbed knit cuffs and waistband, two front pockets and an adjustable bungee cord, and a drawstring hem for extra warmth.

Wool Elm Chore Coat

Wool Elm Chore Coat

Wool Elm’s chore coat combines traditional workwear details such as four patch pockets, buttoned flap pocket on chest, back yoke, front button closure, and rounded collar with contemporary materials such as 100% wool fabric on outside and polyester lining inside. All things considered, it is one of the best options if you want to add some style to your wardrobe while still getting plenty of comfort in return.

Petrol suede jacket

petrol suede jacket

This jacket has all the benefits of many other chore coats but with a unique blue colour that makes it even more stylish. For example, it has two front pockets, button closure, and ribbed cuffs so you can match it with both dress pants and jeans. On top of that, you get one breast pocket for added functionality while inside you will find soft viscose lining to keep your outfit looking neat all year round.

Blue navy wool bomber

If you prefer a wool jacket with more traditional colours, this option from Woolrich is right up your alley. It has a classic fit with ribbed hem and cuffs, two front pockets, and one internal pocket on the left side. Other features include 100% wool construction and polyester lining for added comfort and warmth during the winter months.

Beige pile jacket

A beige pile jacket has a warm and stylish design that makes it suitable for winter. It is made from 100% polyester material on the outside and comes with an adjustable drawstring around the waist, six snap button pockets, and a comfortable hood that works well during chilly months.

Anthracite Grey Wool Bomber

Another plus about this jacket is that it is made from 100% wool for superior breathability and warmth. Also, the range of colours includes varieties such as black, charcoal grey, navy blue, etc. so you can easily match it with your favourite outfits during fall or winter.

Linen bomber jacket black

Aside from the regular features, this jacket is also available in a dark black colour which makes it suitable for more formal outfits. For example, it has an asymmetrical zipper with a leather pull and six front buttons so it can be worn under a business suit without looking out of place.

Recycled Bomber Jacket Navy

This recycled jacket is an eco-friendly garment that combines contemporary design with vintage details. It has a regular fit, three front pockets, adjustable side drawstrings on the hem and cuffs, and a relaxed hood which you can use during autumn or winter.

Navy Work Jacket

This option is a great choice if you are in need of an affordable jacket of excellent quality. It has a slim design with two front pockets, one internal pocket on the left side, buttons for closure, and ribbing at the cuffs. Plus, you get to choose from three colours (navy blue, grey, or brown) depending on your preferences.

How do you wash a chore coat?

Although the chore coat is made from tough fabrics, it’s always a good idea to read the wash instructions before cleaning them. Some models can be washed in a washing machine while others require dry-cleaning only so make sure you know how to clean yours properly. In most cases, these jackets can be washed using cold water and gentle soap but don’t forget to press the pockets inside out as well as button up all closures just in case. After that, hang your chore coat on a hanger or lay it flat on a table/bed and let it air-dry naturally until it’s completely dry.


Chore coats are one of the most versatile items you can purchase for your wardrobe. Not only do they keep you warm during fall and winter but also look stylish at all times. However, even though these jackets come with many pockets, it’s easy to lose stuff if you don’t know where everything is – that’s where we step in; we have done all the research for you and came up with a list of 9 best chore jackets and coats for men (and 1 bonus) which we hope will help make your life easier!