If you’re planning a family trip to the beach this summer, or even if you and your kids are just lounging around in a backyard pool, you might want to surprise your kids with the coolest pool floats they have ever seen. Depending on the age of your kids, they likely have different interests and levels of comfort in the water. Pool floats can be a great way to enjoy some pool time with your kids if they’re not old enough to swim without supervision. Even if your kids prefer to put on their goggles and play mermaids, everyone can appreciate a cool pool float. Read on for some pool float ideas that both you and your kids can enjoy.

1. Unicorn Pool Float

If you have a daughter, niece, or relative who can’t get enough of everything fairies, unicorns, and glitter, surprise her with this pink glitter unicorn float for your trip to the beach or pool. There’s so much glitter in this unicorn and it’ll be even prettier in the sunlight. This sweet float is complete with an ombre horn, tail, and mane in pink, purple, and blue colours. The base is extra stable so your unicorn won’t tip her rider overboard. You can also get a matching unicorn float for adults to enjoy too—even parents can appreciate a little bit of glittery summer fun.

2. Golf Cart Float

golf cart float

If your baby loves going for a relaxing float in the pool, this baby golf cart is perfect. This golf cart float is printed with green and pink tires and includes a horn that actually honks. It features an interactive steering wheel so your baby can pretend to drive and honk the horn, practising sensory and motor skills while adjusting to the water. It has a deep saddle seat so you can monitor and slip your little one in and out of the float with ease. There’s even a matching float so Mom or Dad can join in the fun.

3. Mushroom Sprinkler

mushroom sprinkler

Poolside play is always best when both parents and kids can participate. If your kids prefer to romp in the backyard and engage in rambunctious play rather than swim in a pool, try out this retro-looking mushroom sprinkler. This sprinkler is filled with water at the base so it stays in place—even if your kids turn it into part of an obstacle course. It has two sprinklers, one on each side of the mushroom cap, for extra fun.

4. Convertible Kids Float

Convertible kids float

If you have a baby or toddler within the 12 to 36-month age range, they’re probably just starting to explore the water. These pink convertible kids float is stylish and interactive, just like the golf cart, with a horn for your baby to honk and a saddle seat so their legs are free to kick. It includes a backrest and leg holes for added support, and you can also pull up the convertible’s “hood” for some extra shade from the sun.

5. Matching Adult Convertible Float

adult convertible float

Why should the kids have all the fun? Check out this gorgeous pink convertible float to match your baby’s. It fits two people and includes cupholders and space for speakers or drinks. You and your partner can lounge in your own convertible while Grandma or Grandpa helps your baby steer. There’s even space for drinks in the front of this convertible, so you can keep water bottles and other hydrating essentials in case you or your baby get thirsty in the sun.

6.   Checkerboard Tubes

checkerboard tubes

If your child or young relative is eight years or older and a little more comfortable in the water, he or she might be ready for an inner tube. These matching checkerboard tubes in fun colours like mustard, pink, and mint would be perfect for siblings or a kids’ birthday party. The check pattern is retro-inspired and totally popular with Gen Z right now.

7.   Retro Barbie-Inspired Tubes

Retro Barbie-Inspired Tubes

If you want to stick with a retro theme for the whole family, why not get some retro inner tubes for the adults? These pink and orange tubes were designed by Barbie. They’re patterned with waves and flower designs that are sure to evoke childhood memories of Barbie’s dream house—and inspire you to have childlike fun in the pool, too. And, of course, they have a cupholder, which is a must for all pool floats.

8.   Pancake Float

Pancake Float

This 90s-inspired pink pancake float will make you hungrier than all the other pool floats you own. Your kids will love the fun pink design and velcro melted butter pillow, and it’s big enough to fit two adults. Its iconic round shape and six-foot diameter allow you to lay out in the sun or cuddle up with a partner. Plus, it comes equipped with cupholders for your favourite cold summer cocktail or mocktail.