The Draycott Hotel London – Quintessential British

The Draycott  Hotel London – Quintessential British

London has so much to offer when it comes to architectural historical buildings. And the Draycott hotel that I stayed at was a historical building right in the heart of Chelsea. It was built in 1890 and this upscale hotel sits in a redbrick Edwardian building. Chelsea is one of the very posh areas of London. Regarding buying property here, it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It is very much wanted and in high demand. The shopping area around Chelsea is amazing, offering some of London’s finest boutiques. Sloane Square is one of my favorite places and the famous shopping along King’s Road is only a 4 minutes walk away from The Draycott Hotel.

Yes there are some unique shopping experiences to be had here.



The first thing I noticed there was no massive signage outside this hotel, the plaque at the front entrance is all that revealed the name of the hotel. From the moment I stepped into this glorious building there was an overwhelming quintessential British feel. The carpet, the wallpaper, the decorations and the fireplaces all matched and worked well, this is what The Draycott was all about.

I was living amongst the locals and experiencing that traditional British home stay. I loved the different seating areas in the drawing room just off the reception, where in the afternoon after 17:00 complimentary champagne was served. From the ground floor there was also exclusive access to the gardens, and I say this is a must do in summer or any day that the weather permits. The British are renowned for creating spectacular gardens and staying at The Draycott allows guests to explore the way the wealthy British live which is not that accessible.


Deluxe Double With Garden View

I loved that instead of a number on each room it was replaced by a name. Mine was called Oliver, and it was sitting in the basement with access to its own garden with a separate exit. When I entered the room I was greeted by a long corridor which had built in cupboards to stow my luggage away. It then led to another door which was the entrance to the large room. The Draycott’s Deluxe Doubles are beautiful rooms which have views and a private access across to the private garden square, this was amazing.

The room was spacious at 380ft² (35m²) and was traditionally decorated with king-size bed,  twin options are also available. The decor was British finest at its best. On my arrival London got very cold and it was just brilliant sinking into the comfy sofa in front of a working fireplace in the bedroom. This just completed my overall stay.

For the business traveler like me and I had a lot of writing to do. It was lovely to have a large writing desk which gave me an ideal  working place. It was one of the best rooms for business traveler I have experienced to date. This room was a nice way to entertain business guests, as it was so big and cosy.

These rooms have all the benefits of the Deluxe Double room including AC, complimentary Wi-Fi, Freeview TV and DVD, iPod docking station. I loved the Edwardian antiques, the massive bed and the private bar.

“A hotel should be crisper than the country. It should be clear, calm, should sit back a bit.”Rupert Lord, Interior Designer



In Britain the single two taps are still trending and fun to use. The bath was huge and very welcoming after a cold days running around in London. I could not believe how quickly it filled up, 3 minutes maximum. The shower was very powerful and teamed with large fluffy towels, it was the perfect retreat.


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In our rooms there were no kettles so it was nice to have the staff, greet me with a warm English breakfast tea at anytime of the evening, just call reception. Breakfast was overlooking the gardens and offered the traditional English breakfast, that one must try when staying here. The staff were personable and I loved chatting to them at 7 am in the morning.

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I loved staying at the Draycott hotel and being reminded of what the British are historically known for when it comes to hotels. The area in Chelsea was amazing and literally a one minute walk there was a mews area which has newly built luxury food stores.  The cheese store was certainly worth visiting. The hotel is great for both business and leisure and it was so conveniently situated.

You can shop till you drop, come back and have a rest and literally pop out again. If staying in is what you rather do, The Draycott has so much to offer regarding that. I thoroughly enjoyed, the access to the apples at the entrance and the teddy who was there to greet me at night. Thank you to all the staff who made my stay extra special.

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