The Hotel Brussels – Spa With A View

The Hotel Brussels – Spa With A View


trendy-week-brussels-smallThe Hotel in Brussels is a 27 story hotel designed in the 60s and is on Boulevard de Waterloo, which is the high-end fashion shopping street of Brussels. I am right in my element here. It is also one of the tallest building in Brussels and hence why it deserves the name “The Hotel”. It stands out in the skyline of Brussels and offers guests spectacular views of the city. Besides being on the shopping street, The Hotel is also only a 15 minute walk away from other attractions in Brussels such as the historic Grand Place.


The Hotel towering over Brussels


The Hotel was revolutionary back in the 60s when it was built.

Lobby and Business Area


The reception area is relaxing and very calm. The dark interior gives it a very sophisticated touch. The lobby and business area are perfect to meet and entertain your clients.

Deluxe Panorama Room

I stayed in the Deluxe Panorama Room, which is a room located from the 20th floor upwards, and gives you unparalleled views of Brussels. With this room you will automatically get exclusive access to the Panorama Lounge. The room is a nice 25m2 in size which is nice. The open bathroom with C.O. Bigelow bath amenities is practical and functional, and I was impressed with the size of the shower. The HD 40″ Led Smart TV gives you plenty of options to chill and relax. The safe is big enough for a 13″ laptop which is great as I travel with a lot of expensive equipment. The fridge had complimentary water, wine, beer and soft drinks, very convenient for a room with a view like this. The WiFi is free and fast which is great and essential for me as I work on-line all the time.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (13)

One of the best showers I have had in a long time.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (12)

Media hub allows you to connect your movies to the TV. Very convenient if you are a movie fan or have children.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (7)

The C.O. Bigelow products are really nice to use.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (6)

Easy to use and practical the lighting in the room is excellent for a romantic stay.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (4)

The view is fantastic both day and night. Perfect for a nice night in with a glass of red wine.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (3)

Nespresso Machine – for a coffee lover like me this is perfect.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (8)

Lots of fashion content to read.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (5)

Long window sofa which is great to relax and enjoy the view behind it.

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Gracie Opulanza the hotel brussel 2015

Bathroom is modern and super functional. That shaving mirror has a built light.

The Panaroma Lounge

Access to the Panorama lounge on floor 24 is included with the Deluxe Panorama Room, and includes complimentary drinks and snacks. The snacks are nice with nuts, cheese and tiramisu available when I ventured up. The drink options are very extensive too with champagne, wines, Belgium beers, soft drinks and a range of spirits on offer. The views over Brussels are truly breathtaking form here.


TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (21)

Great variety of books on fashion

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (22)

This table is handy for meetings and working quietly for business

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (23)

The Urban Spa & Fitness

Floor 23 houses the Urban Spa & Fitness Centre and the sauna with a view is one of the most spectacular experiences I have had. This sauna is super hot and is big enough, and although it sounds odd but the atmosphere is great. You must give this experience plenty of time to enjoy. There is also a steam room which is excellent with a very relaxing smell but without the views. The Spa has lots of complimentary apples and water for a healthy stay.


Sauna with a view at night

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (19)

Sauna with a view during the day.

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (1)

TheHotel Brussels Menstylefashion 2015 review (16)

The gym view is perfect to work up a sweat without knowing it. Because with a view like this it is worth all the effort.

The Restaurant


The Restaurant By Pierre Balthazar is located on the ground floor. The Restaurant serves contemporary international food with chef Pierre having served food for dozens of heads of state in the past. I met him and he was a very focused chef with lots of history.

The Bar & Lounge

The bar & Lounge is the perfect location for business meetings or to relax after a long day in Brussels.

TheBar-The-Hotel-Brussels The-Bar-2-TheHotelBrussels


Breakfast is included with the Deluxe Panorama Room and you have the choice to eat it at the Panorama Lounge or at The Restaurant. I decided to have it at The Restaurant which had a nice garden view.


Nice garden view from The Restaurant


The Panorama lounge also serves breakfast

The breakfast choice was very healthy and this is important to me due to the amount of hotels that I am staying at. The food was cooked in a way that was fresh and not greasy.


This was really yummy


I have never seen this option for breakfast and it was so good I had two plates full of it.

TheHotel-Brussels-Menstylefashion-2015-review-breakfast-fruitjpg TheHotel-Brussels-Menstylefashion-2015-review-breakfast-cearaljpg TheHotel-Brussels-Menstylefashion-2015-review-breakfast--breadjpg


The Hotel is what I would class as a great stay within Brussels. The finishing of the rooms and the hotel interior is all very classy and modern. It is located in the main fashion shopping area of Brussels and they are proud to let customers know it with plenty of fashion reading material and items on display. Top it of with a stay in the sauna with a view.


  • Room reviewed – Deluxe Panorama – from €180
  • Website:
  • Address: Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000, Brussels, Belgium
  • Phone: +32 2 504 11 11

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