Hotel NH Brussels Bloom- Choose Your Room Art

Hotel NH Brussels Bloom- Choose Your Room Art

HotelBloom Brussels MenStyleFashion 2015 Review 7 (7)

trendy-week-brussels-smallBloom is not an ordinary hotel; it is not even an ordinary art hotel. This is a hotel that has art in its blood. It started way back in 2008 when the hotel owners invited 287 creative young artists from different European countries to paint artwork in each of the hotel rooms. Each room is unique and has its own hand painted fresco with the artist’s interpretation of the word, ‘bloom’.

The bloom name and idea was created as the hotel’s location is near the botanical gardens of Brussels. The hotel is truly blooming with creativity and has a unique funky style. Since 2012, it has invited some of the world’s best street artists to make colourful murals in its public spaces.
In response to cultural budget cuts and the effects of the financial crisis on artistic production around the world, Hotel BLOOM! and Harlan Levey Projects Gallery cooperated on a new ‘artistic residency’ program since January 2015. Each month, an artist, gallery or curator is offered a place to live and work, as well as event and communication support.

Lobby and Business Area

The reception has a relaxing atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and allow children to be themselves. The seating area is comfortable and allows you to be chilled.



Choose Your Room Art

You can chose your own fresco for your room by going to the Hotel bloom website or via its iPhone or iPad app. Below are some examples of the total of 287 pieces of room artwork.

Our Rooms

I stayed with my children at the L Room Panorama King which has a panoramic view of Brussels. The 2 rooms had interconnecting doors which is great when you stay as a family. What immediately struck me when I opened the door was the carpet that had the colour of green grass; it fits well within the theme of Bloom.

The rooms are bright and spacious (30m2) and each one of them had a comfortable seat with footrest. This came in handy as I immediately sat down after a long day of sight seeing. As a coffee lover, what I instantly liked was the Senseo coffee and tea machine.

With the kids entertained in their room, I set out to do some work on the big desk that is in each room. The hotel has free WiFi, and upon login, you have a very handy screen which allows you to see all the hotel’s services, including the size of your bill. The size of the room is perfect, and the overall feel is relaxing, the lighting is perfect for creating a nice mood at night. The furniture is simple and functional and I love all the white that dominates the room which gives it a refreshing feel.

The main attraction of the room is the individual artwork on the wall. There is a section on the wall where you can see a picture of the artist in action and this has also a written explanation of the artwork and artist.

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Fitness Centre

The 8th floor houses the fitness centre from where you have great views over Brussels. There is plenty of equipment for both cardio or muscular workouts. Probably a good idea if you have indulged too much of the Belgium chocolates and beers. The views are worth getting fit for.

HotelBloom-Brussels-gym-view-2015HotelBloom-Brussels-MenStyleFashion-2015-Review-reception--gym-view HotelBloom-Brussels-MenStyleFashion-2015-Review-reception--gym-art


The hotel has an in-house bar restaurant called SmoodS. The restaurant is like entering a cosy, stylish and trendy living room. It is all about chilling and enjoying food with some music in the background. I was impressed at night how many people were at the bar and the atmosphere was excellent. You certainly will meet interesting people here.

HotelBloom Brussels MenStyleFashion 2015 Review (7)



HotelBloom Brussels breakfast menstylefashion review 2015 (1)

Great entrance art just before entering for breakfast.

The breakfast lounge offers a great variety of food and juices. It is well laid out and the presentation is of high standard. When I was eating there was about over 100 people having breakfast and they were coping very well. The juices are fresh and the smoothies are nice too.


The bread selection is yummy and fresh.


The highlight of course is the Belgium Waffle van. It is fun and the concept is a great treat.

HotelBloom Brussels breakfast menstylefashion review 2015 (2)


Hotel Bloom is a perfect place for family and friends. The staff are very accommodating and child friendly. The bar lounge at night has a great atmosphere and I would recommend a visit even if you’re not staying at the hotel. The art work is quirky and eye catching. The messages throughout Hotel Bloom are fun and engaging. It sounds odd but go and check out the parking garage, it is nice and welcoming with unusual messages and artwork too. Hotel Bloom makes for the perfect weekend get away to enjoy such an awesome city as Brussels.


Artwork in the hotel’s garage.



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