The Importance of Infant Car Seat Safety

The Importance of Infant Car Seat Safety

As a parent, you might have struggled with a car seat at first. But that struggle with your infant car seat can save your child’s life! According to reports, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and serious injuries among infants. However, with the infant car seats, the risk of injuries and deaths has reduced to 54%, which is a great number!


So, how does an infant car seat helps in saving children’s lives?

As you already know that there are more cars on the road today than it used to belong ago. According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is a 67% reduction in the risk of serious injuries when parents have put their children in well-fitted car seats.

Moreover, a newborn’s body is not as tough as an adult as it is made up of soft cartilage which will eventually turn into bones as they grow. Due to this, a newborn’s body is unprotected to injuries in case of an accident. While there are some other factors too that make car crashes more dangerous for children such as:

  • As their organs are still under the developing stage, their brain and spinal cord damage are more dangerous in children whose brains and bodies are still developing.
  • As they are small, so a slight bump or unexpected braking can make them jump off their seat.

Why Isn’t a Good Car Seat Not Enough?

There are many parents that spend enough time to research a new baby’s car seat and then forget it after installing it. Although a good car seat is important in protecting your child it is not enough on its own. This means that even the best car seats can’t get install on its own, so you need to take time and install it correctly as per the instruction manual.

However, there are some errors that occur when you are installing the car seat.

  • A car should be of the right size because a car seat of a big size or small size will offer less security.
  • Installing the car seat at the correct position is also important because an improperly fitted car seat will only offer limited protection to a newborn in the front.
  • A car seat could be dangerous for your child if it is not fully and securely attached to its base.

Why Do Parents Don’t Use or Incorrectly Use Car Seats?

Installing the car seat incorrectly is one of the biggest mistakes that parents make. In most cases, parents don’t understand the seriousness of the risk that they are accepting. Car accidents are normal these days and almost everyone will experience it at some point. According to statistics, there are more than 10 million accidents with over 1000:3 deaths per year.

While for children, accidents are even more dangerous as a slight force could send your child to fly through the windshield! Even though, some parents tell their children that an ill-fitted car seat is much better than no car seat at all as they are unwilling to fight with their older children.

So, a car seat that doesn’t fit properly can be even more dangerous as your child can get trapped in the straps. That is the reason why you need to buckle your child properly as it is not only the law but it is also an important thing you can do to keep your child safe. Protection Status

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