The Most Stylish Smart Watches Of 2015

The Most Stylish Smart Watches Of 2015

This year was most definitely the year of the smart watch, and whilst this innovative wearable tech may still be in its infancy there have been plenty of companies and big name brands creating and unveiling their very own smartwatch devices in 2015. Many of these futuristic watches still require a compatible smartphone in order to function to the best of their abilities however some simply boast an elegance and simplicity that oozes street style.

LG Watch Urbane

LG’s premium metal smartwatch is the ideal fashion accessory for those guys who like to wear a chunky and distinct- looking watch on their wrist. It is the pricier option in the range that’s for sure however for functionality and usefulness the smartwatch still scores highly. With a neat and fashionable range of watch facades to place on your Urbane, this wearable is definitely more suited for vanity over value.


Apple Watch

It’s a first generation offering from the manufacturing giant so there are some obvious flaws and already plenty of room for improvement. Thankfully however the Apple Watch is perfectly interchangeable from a design perspective. The range of watches available will suit the elegant, the fashionable and the sporty types. It may be tech geek more so than chic and even a tad expensive at the moment for what it is, but quite frankly those loyal to the Apple brand will pay over the odds to own one. Let’s face it at the end of the day if you own multiple Apple devices already then it just makes sense to pick up a perfectly compatible Apple Watch as well. As well as being a stylish wearable it can also let you do a number of things on the go, such as play at one of the growing number uk bingo sites that now boast iWatch apps as well as a plethora of other fun mobile-based games.


LG Watch R

It’s powered by Android Wear and is LG’s first of its kind to come complete with a round screen. It has an ultra-fast processor and is both dust and water resistant but above all it brings a much more classic look that mimics more traditional stylish looking watches. Its subtle design may appeal too many who are not overly keen on showcasing the fact that they are wearing a smartwatch at all.


Guess Connect

On the face of it this quality designed smartwatch looks anything but. In fact you would be forgiven at first glance to think that this was just a gorgeously designed traditional watch. However under the hood this Martian powered watch can do all those cool little things that most other smartwatches also do. It is particularly stylish and a must for those fashion conscious tech-fans out there.

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