To some people, polyamory is something brought from the fires of hell. For others, it’s as normal as walking in a park. While those who think polyamory is something evil are 100% wrong, those who consider it normal are closer to the truth. But not exactly on point. We’ll reveal to you the truth about polyamory here and now.

What is Polyamory?

Polyamory is a relationship with more than one partner at the same time. So that sounds like cheating to you? You’re not wrong. Cheating is having more than one partner if you’re in a monogamous relationship. But the beauty of polyamory is the fact that every partner knows about other people. Better yet, nobody does anything behind anybody’s back. A lot of polyamorists have sex with more than one partner at the same time. That opens so many possibilities. Keep imagining them while reading the list of benefits polyamory offers:

  • having sex with other people
  • spicing up your relationship
  • building trust between everybody included
  • gaining a lot of sexual experience (becoming better in sex)
  • meeting new people
  • having more people by your side in difficult situations

Those are just some of the benefits. A lot of experts focused their studies on polyamory. Some of them claim that polyamory is more natural than monogamy. Humans are sexual beings; one of the few that have sex for fun. Playing with the same toy will become boring sooner or later, regardless of how good the toy is. That’s why polyamory relationships are usually stronger, and partners don’t have any trust issues. People who practice polyamory are happier because they don’t have to overthink. They can say what’s bothering them, and together with their partners, they’ll work it out. Similar to monogamy, but better. When a monogamous couple fights, both sides can stay angry and don’t speak to each other for days. That hurts the relationship. In polyamory, it’s very rare to see a fight between all the partners. That gives an opening to a “peacemaker” who can talk to angry partners and help them to calm down.

The Truth About Polyamory

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Challenges of Polyamory

But don’t think entering a polyamory relationship will solve all of your problems without any challenges. The biggest problem in polyamorous relationships is jealousy. Seeing your wife being pleasured by another man isn’t something most people think about. Now imagine seeing that in person. Better yet, being involved in all of that. If you think you could never do that – don’t even try to start polyamory. Those kinds of relationships are for people with confidence who don’t feel threatened by other people. Many couples who were interviewed on various sites from claim that polyamory has sparked fire in their relationship again?

Being in polyamory can be difficult for people who don’t have a big sexual appetite. Yes, your partners have each other to have sex, but you have to participate if you agree to be a part of polyamory. By letting your partners have sex with each other all the time, it will soon become monogamy. So if you can’t keep up with the rest of the pack, say goodby and find a better place for you.

How Do Polyamorous Relationships Work?

They work in any way you can make them work. Some people live together with their partners. It can be two men and a girl, vice-versa, or any other combination (with more than three people). Some polyamorists have sex only with one partner at a time and have scheduled. Others are more open and relaxed, so they have sex with any partner whenever they like. Usually participating in threesomes or group sex. There are no strict rules for a successful polyamorous relationship. As long as everybody is respected – you’ll be fine.

Rules and Boundaries to Consider

When all the partners live together, there are usually no boundaries. But some couples like to explore polyamory, so they introduce other people in their bedroom. The most common boundary is no kissing on the lips. Some couples don’t do penetration with new people (they are invited for oral sex and atmosphere building).

Some other rules and boundaries of polyamory can relate to:

  • the number of partner in a relationship
  • duties of every partner
  • hierarchy if there is any

If you’re thinking about starting a polyamorous relationship, write down your rules.

The Truth About Polyamory

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Which Celebrities Have Been in Polyamorous Relationships?

Celebrities are human too. They can enjoy polyamory as well as regular people. The most celebrity who openly spoke about polyamory in his relationship is Will Smith. He and his wife are happily married for 23 years, but they don’t run away from adventures.

Some other polyamorous celebrities are:

  • Kaitlynn Carter
  • Megan Fox
  • Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Pretty surprising, isn’t it? Some of the most famous couples used to be polyamorous. Do you think it would work for you? You’ll never know if you don’t try it. But before trying anything, make sure you know what you want and where are your boundaries.