Almost every diet book claims to have all the answers on how you can successfully lose extra weight and keep it off at the same time. However, not every diet plan works the same for everyone. For that reason, finding the right method to lose weight takes time, patience, commitment and even some experimentation to find what works best for you.

Usually, every diet plan is mostly concerned with food. This refers to cutting on calories and refined carbs and eating more protein, vegetables and healthy fats. However, another thing that should also be a part of every weight loss diet plan is tea.

Tea is considered the second most popular drink in the world after water. It is naturally free of calories and most importantly, it features properties that can help you suppress your appetite and ultimately reach your goals. So, if you want to lose weight, take a look at the benefits a daily cup of tea offers and how it can help you achieve your ideal weight.

Scales weight loss

Boosts your metabolism

The first step to losing weight is boosting your metabolism. While some people inherit a speedy metabolism, others must look for other ways that can help them improve it. This is where tea comes into play.

In general, teas contain a type of flavonoids called catechins that help boost metabolism and help your body break down fats more quickly. In addition to this, tea has caffeine which also helps you increase your energy use, causing your body to burn more calories. By combining these two compounds together, losing extra weight is inevitable.

A type of tea that can help you boost your metabolism is ginger green tea. The green tea includes a catechin called EGCG which is best known for having positive effects on weight loss management. The ginger flavour present in the tea also contains certain compounds that help stimulate biological activities in your body while boosting your immune system at the same time.

An alternative to snacks and high-calorie drinks

Maintaining a healthy diet plays a major role in losing weight. And if you are one of those people who like frequent snacking, then sticking even to the healthiest diet plan can easily backfire. So, one way of breaking this habit is by drinking tea.

In reality, tea serves as an alternative to reduce your sugar while cutting down on your fat intake at the same time. Therefore, by opting for a steamed hot cup of tea instead of snacks or a sugary beverage, you will be able to combat cravings and provide yourself with a “full feeling” effect in no time. Plus, tea is calorie-free, so you won’t have to worry about adding extra calories to your diet.

Black and peppermint tea help replace mindless snacking. For example, drinking a cup of black tea before a meal can help you feel full sooner and avoid snacking afterward.

Drinking a cup of tea

Increases energy for intense workout sessions

Whether you are looking for something to perk you up in the morning or give your energy for an intense workout session, drinking a cup of tea is a great way to do so. It has a moderate amount of caffeine which gives you the energy you need when you are feeling lazy.

In addition to caffeine, tea has L-theanine which is an amino acid that also helps give you even more energy. It works by slowing down the absorption of caffeine, allowing the body to process caffeine more effectively and result in a longer-lasting energy boost.

Besides green tea, Yerba mate tea is also known for its powerful properties to turn up your body’s calorie burning. It contains even more caffeine than green tea which helps you increase your endurance and exercise performance. So, if you want to get the most out of your workout sessions, have a cup of tea before hitting the gym.

doing a workout

Blocks fat

Another thing people struggle with when trying to lose weight is burning off excess fat. So, the first step in doing so is to completely avoid consuming food and drinks which are high in calories. And since tea is naturally free of calories, drinking it can certainly help you achieve fat loss.

Tea contains antioxidants that help increase fat burning and improve your metabolism. For example, the EGCG present in green tea and especially matcha tea has anti-inflammatory properties that support the metabolism and prevent the formation of fat cells resulting in effective weight loss. Besides this, the EGCG antioxidant can also reduce your appetite.

White tea has the highest amount of antioxidants of any other tea. That is why it is considered the best one to block new fat cells. The leaves of the tea aren’t oxidized which provides the tea with a delicate flavour packed with polyphenols that help in the fat-burning process.

Balances hormone levels

Weight is mostly controlled by hormones that influence your appetite and how much fat you store. Therefore, for the whole process of losing weight to be effective, you must get your hormones in order. One way of doing this is by drinking a cup of tea.

For example, the presence of amino acids in green tea has proven useful in reducing the adrenal stress hormone cortisol. If the levels of this hormone are elevated, the results will be overeating and weight gain. Therefore, drinking a cup of green tea can lower the levels of cortisol and lead to weight loss.

Another tea that helps in balancing the hormone levels is rooibos tea. This is because it contains polyphenols which help control the production of cortisol. Also, the presence of flavonoids in rooibos tea further helps in suppressing appetite and reducing fat storage.

peppermint tea health benefits

Final thoughts

While to some people it is just another hot beverage to drink on a cold day or fight against flu, tea has proven to be beneficial in the process of losing weight. The abilities to boost metabolism, suppress hunger, balance hormones and burn fat cells are some of the ways tea can help you achieve your goals in terms of weight loss. Therefore, if you want to shed a few pounds safely and effectively, make sure you include tea as part of your diet plan.