When it comes to interior design, many modern males still feel fairly unconfident about how to make their homes somewhere both functional and stylish. So rather than wasting your money on any chintzy home stylings, here’s a look at how you can upgrade your living space in a contemporary and stress-free manner. For more Bachelor Pad Ideas, check out our friends at BestBachelorPad.com

Keep It Minimal

Tips On Creating A 21st Century Bachelor Pad - keep it minimal

Wall Art has always been a trend for any wall space.

All guys will be glad to know that minimalism is still hugely fashionable in 2017. This means that you don’t have to worry about any fussy and flowery colour schemes, as neutral colour tones like grey and white are a great way to streamline your home and keep things smart.

But in order to stop this look from feeling too much like an office, it’s a good idea to use contrast. There’s nothing like getting a big pop art wall print to create a big impression. And as the Dude in The Big Lebowski says, a decent rug can really tie a room together!

Brutalist Styles

Tips On Creating A 21st Century Bachelor Pad - brutalist styles

The brutalist look is a great alternative to minimalist chic. You’ll have seen this in most coffee shops and city centre bars in the UK, as it uses everything from filament light bulbs to distressed wood, and even bare brick walls to get that contemporary urban look.

What’s great about this brutalist style is that it means you don’t have to cover up any imperfections in your home. So that whether you’ve got a platform top base or a sprung edge bed from Bedstar, you don’t have to cover it up in lots of soft furnishings to get that very trendy brutalist style. Instead, this look is about being bold and edgy – perfect for the 21st-century male.

Classic Mid Century Modern Aesthetics

Tips On Creating A 21st Century Bachelor Pad

Anybody who’s seen the hit TV show, Mad Men, will know exactly what the mid-century modern look is all about. With iconic furniture like bean-shaped coffee tables and egg chairs, it might seem perilously close to turning your home into an Austin Powers shrine, but it’s a great way to transform your interiors.

Colour is especially important in the mid-century modern look with unusual hues like flamingo pink, gold yellow, and olive green being fun ways to brighten up your home decor.

And whilst some mid century modern furniture is selling at record prices, it’s always a good idea to hunt around charity shops and online auction sites to see if you can pick yourself up a bargain.