Pleased to do a review of Vamatic watches, high quality timepieces now seeking funds on Kickstarter, I was more than impressed. At first not a person you will consider a watch enthusiast, but later, a person that started to look at a timepiece as a stylish accessory that will class up your wrist in any occasion!

Being a victim of the accelerated way of living, I have been given Vamatic watch at the perfect timing. The day when me and my Vamatic watch fit together was the day I had to attend several meetings, but end the day with a casual match night with my friends. Keeping style at the highest level during the whole day was struggle of the past, as now Vamatic took care of style with its 2 stories timepiece.

Vamatic Swiss Made Timepieces Review

Brand Vamatic, which is relatively new to the luxury watch industry, just launched its campaign on Kickstarter. Offering the market Swiss made timepieces which are setting price lower and quality higher, Vamatic is seeking funds to start the production of 2 collections of stunning and high quality Swiss watches.

Blending classy, minimalist design with a high-quality watch counterparts, Vamatic created timepieces that are without a doubt to create a new chapter in luxurious watches.

2 Collections

To my delight, Vamatic team has prepared 2 watch collections to choose from. Winston quartz collection is precisely designed collection that uses an electronic oscillator which is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. Quartz Swiss Made Ronda movement ensures the highest accuracy of the timepiece.

On the other hand, Vauclain Automatic collection will delight you with its Automatic Swiss Made ETA movement, which winds itself automatically as the wearer moves the wrist.

Both collections are embellished with a sapphire crystal glass, 5 year warranty, butterfly clasp and a quick change spring to adjust your look! On top of all, both collections are having a Swiss made certificate, are water resistant and controlled numerous times before coming to you.

One Watch, Two stories

By wearing it, Vamatic watch doesn’t just fit one occasion or creates one look that makes you feel confident. It makes 2 styles which are narrating 2 different stories. Coming with an easy quick change spring and 2 straps: genuine leather and stainless steel strap, I was able to change my style and give an accent to my outfit in a matter of seconds!

Swiss Made

Every Vamatic watch is being adorned with Swiss made label, marking the Swiss movements origin as well as the Swiss manufacturing and assembling process. Swiss made certificate is the highest quality recognition in the watch industry.

Direct To Consumers Business Model

Focusing on different pricing strategy, Vamatic is offering you a luxurious watch at an accessible price. By skipping all the intermediators between the producer and consumer, high quality Vamatic timepieces will be delivered to you at lowest price possible, bringing luxury closer to the general public.

On top of everything, Vamatic is now live on Kickstarter which means they dropped prices in order to seek funding for the start of production!

Kickstarter Launch

Kickstarter campaign is now live, so everyone interested are welcome to support this project and buy a stylish, high quality, 2 stories timepiece I am highly recommending to you (I am about to buy one as well). The link to the campaign is here, so feel free to back these guys up.

Vamatic Acronyms To Round Up The Story

To sum up what does this brand has to offer, I will use their acronyms in order to mention what I like the most about them.

V – Vigorous Swiss movements and variable straps

A – Accessory that adjusts

M – Modern design

A – Accent to every outfit and occasion

T – Time mastering

I – Impeccable quality

C – Confidence by wearing it


Blend of high-quality timepiece, timeless design and 2 different straps showed up as the perfect combination for me. Everything being perfectly united in one watch that is here to follow you to every occasion, no matter day, time or dress code. After trying these timepieces, I am more than confident to say that Vamatic watches will reach its Kickstarter goal and really change the luxury watch industry setting price lower and quality higher elevating style to the highest standards!