A wristwatch is a timeless piece of accessory that never goes out of style.

Imagine going out to a social event, completely dressed to impress, with perfectly matching shoes, but one vital accessory that’s missing and can complete the look is your wristwatch. The thought itself seems horrific.

It is one piece of jewellery that compliments both men and women alike. But to choose the right one that adorns your personality may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

If you love wearing watches but buy them just on a whim, it’s time to think again. Choose something that helps you stand out from the crowd.

In this guide, I can help you choose and shop for the perfect watch that enhances your personality and helps impress those surrounding you.

Understand Your Requirements

Each of us is different with varying personalities, and to buy just the right wristwatch that acts as a suitable accessory to complete your look, you need to analyze deeply what your needs and requirements are.

And it means being able to understand what suits you best. For example, if you are clad up in business suits and formal wear all the time, getting a dress watch will automatically add to your authoritative personality.

Fashion watches are best suited to people who love flaunting their style everywhere they go. These are something that accentuates your oomph factor without overdoing on the accessories part.

And if you love owning things that scream out your impeccable taste, then luxury watches are the way to go. These are created keeping a certain set of needs in mind and emit qualities of true craftsmanship.

Remember, your watch should correlate with different occasions too; otherwise, even the best timepieces can ruin your mark in society. You can check out Teddy Baldassarre for the latest guides of new fashion watches.

What’s the Occasion?

If you are someone who loves decorating their wrist with a classy timepiece, then you probably know how to select the right watch depending on the occasion.

Are you setting out to impress someone? Or want to show off your style in a public gathering? Choose a watch that screams fashion for itself. Fashion timepieces are available for both men and women in many different designs providing a wide selection.

Choosing the right wristwatch in accordance with the occasion is crucial to make a good impression. It won’t do to wear a fashion statement on a casual workday or a casual watch in a VIP event.

The Look, The Make and The Brand

The Brand does matter, and so do the overall look and craftsmanship of your wristwatch.

You could go in for the premier brands that promise all of the above spending gazillions on a statement time-piece. Or Check out the wide collection at Jowissa – a brand that is known to portray timeless elegance with its’ classy timepieces.

Where the make is concerned, you can go for a classy, metallic chain, a leather strap or select from the different options in trendy monochrome watches.

Make sure your selection fits your budget too. There’s no point in getting all excited to later realize you don’t have enough resources to spend.


The Different Watch Styles for Varying Personality Types

Each person is different, and so is their taste in watches. If you are still confused as to what is best for you, we’ll help you choose easily based on your personality type.

  • The Thrill Seeker: Are you someone who enjoys adventure and revels in the continuous thrill it offers? Go for a sturdy watch, preferably waterproof that you can wear on any adventure ride. Make sure it’s comfortable yet quirky at the same time.
  • A Highly Active Personality: Love gyms and intense workouts? Or are you someone who takes their health very seriously? If so, go for the popular activity trackers that act as a watch too and connect to your phone and help monitor your fitness regime.
  • The Minimalist: If bright colours, pastel shades and too many accessories are not your cup of tea, you can easily complete your chic and smart look with a minimalistic watch. These will maintain your clean and fuss-free aesthetic while keeping your style consistent and sharp.
  • An Opulent Personality: If you are someone who likes boasting about your wealthy stature, and possesses a taste for finesse, then luxury watches are the way to go. Not only do these make a great statement, but also conjure the perfect image of power and grandeur.
  • The Tech Geek: Are you a big fan of the latest technology and love innovating. Possessing the latest smartwatch is the most likely way to portray a tech-savvy persona to the world.
  • Old School Yet Modern: There are some people who like doing some things the traditional way while chasing modernity in other aspects of their life. The Hybrid watch that is traditional in look, but sports the latest technology and exquisite feature can be a perfect choice here.
  • A Personality that Dresses to Impress: If you love adorning a formal attire wherever you go or want to make a tough impression amongst colleagues, go for the Dress watches.
  • Quirkiness is in the Genes: If you love sporting the latest fashion trends, without a care of what others think, just like Ranveer Singh, then skeleton watches should be your go-to accessory. These timepieces are designed in a way that reflects their inner functioning, and just like you prefer extraordinariness with a unique edge.

Have you decided which timepiece is the best buy?

Does the price meet your budget and features satisfy your requirements?

Or are you still on the hunt looking for that perfect accessory to adorn on your wrist?
In this case, Jowissa can be of utmost assistance with its wide array of specially designed swiss watches designed for elegance.


Shopping for the right kind of watch provides an ethereal feeling, especially when it is meant to be an exact replica of your persona. You need not always go for a particular brand or type based on social reviews. Instead, choose something that compliments your tastes.

Don’t run with the crowd; instead, choose what suits you best. After all, it is meant to accentuate your oomph factor, not something that just a couple of other people like for themselves.

Conduct thorough research, and only then go for a time-piece that can make you look good and feel confident about yourself. Just bought a watch and would like to contribute something else? We would love to hear about your valuable experience.