Whether you consider yourself a watch enthusiast or you are just discovering the timepiece world, you would have probably heard of Seiko.

Since their inception in 1881, they have sold millions of watches across the globe, but why exactly have they become so popular in recent years? Find out why they are “always one step ahead of the rest”.


To understand the Seiko watch phenomenon, we must first examine the brand’s philosophy. Seiko has always been about time, innovation, and style. Their impressive line of watches highlight these values as well as helping to break new ground.

From the practical wall clocks and the classic quartz watch to their more current solar models, it is not an exaggeration to say this company is on a quest for perfection. In fact, many Seiko watches have incorporated world-first technologies and developed new standards in precision.

The Seiko Corporation’s fundamental philosophy is to be “a company that is trusted by society.” Each and every staff member adheres to this philosophy and strives to provide the reliable quality that Seiko has become known for.

seiko philosophy


Seiko can trace its history back to 1881 when Kintaro Hattori opened a watch and jewellery shop in Tokyo, Japan. Since its founding, Seiko has gone on to embrace accuracy, precision and excellence through constant change.

Initially starting off by manufacturing wall clocks and pocket watches, in 1913 Seiko launched Japan’s first wristwatch. 43 years later, Seiko would introduce a watch with a movement that was designed fully in-house. The movement was the first of its kind as it had not been influenced by anything made in Switzerland and incorporated a new Seiko invention.

Prior to 1960, most people believed Swiss watches were the highest quality and Japanese watches were inferior, however, Seiko was changing the game. With innovations like Japan’s first wristwatch equipped with a stopwatch and the first Japanese diver’s watch, people’s perceptions were beginning to shift.

seiko innovation

The end of the twentieth century brought more innovations like the world’s first TV watch and the world’s first computerised diver’s watch, but it was the world’s first quartz watch that really changed the game.

The Astron 35SQ was the world’s first quartz wristwatch in the world and it changed the watch industry forever. It was a limited edition of 100 gold-case watches and priced at ¥450,000, which at the time, was equivalent to the cost of a Toyota Corolla.

In 2012, Seiko took its 45-year history of creating innovative timepieces and applied it to the field of solar technology by creating the world’s first GPS solar watch.

Today, Seiko is one of the most beloved brands on the market and one of the few fully integrated watch companies who are responsible for designing, engineering, and manufacturing. They design and develop their own movements using leading-edge technology and undisputable craftsmanship. When you purchase a Seiko, you are not just purchasing a nice watch, you are purchasing a part of timekeeping history.

Detail and craftsmanship

Seiko’s name means ‘exquisite’ in Japanese, and we couldn’t agree more. There is certainly no denying the quality in each Seiko timepiece.

From genuine leather bands and sapphire crystal glass to innovative movements, Seiko manages to infuse their products with eye-catching style, undeniable elegance and superior technology.

Seiko has risen to become one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers. In 2015, it was crowned Japan’s official export champion for the seventh consecutive year and was featured in Time Magazine’s list of “The World’s 15 Most Innovative Companies of 2015”.

seiko craftsmanship

They are renowned for their attention to detail and craftsmanship, which results in timepieces that are loved by all. It doesn’t matter if you are buying an affordable Seiko Prospex or a luxury Grand Seiko at a premium price, rest assured that the same nuance-detailed craftsmanship goes into each and every timepiece in their collection.

Seiko’s artisans in Japan are skilled craftsmen who take pride in creating every single wristwatch. These individuals understand that the precision of its parts squarely determines a watch’s accuracy and performance.


Seiko has something for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle or budget. The brand offers watches for men and women, each with a variety of styles including divers and sports watches.

You won’t be hard-pressed to find something under $500 but don’t be surprised when you see models dipping over into the $5,000+ mark. If you’re looking for a more affordable watch, don’t let the cheaper price tag fool you as Seiko do not compromise on quality.

As the official timekeeper for over thirty-one Olympic Games (as well as many Paralympics), Seiko definitely knows a thing or two about what makes a good watch. So, if you’re looking for a new watch, Seiko has something for you.

Large range of watches

The Seiko offering features many different modes and styles that are fit for all different purposes. Whether you’re looking for a classic analogue watch or a diving watch, the Seiko range has something that is perfect for all. Seiko’s range includes:

Seiko Prospex

The Seiko Prospex collection was designed for the true sportsman. Focused on performance and driven by the ocean, Seiko’s versatile and trendy Prospex range delivers everything for water, land and air-based adventure.

The Prospex Sea models are professional-grade diving watches with comfortably cushioned cases and a unidirectional bezel.

Seiko Presage

Complete with that signature Japanese movement and classic design features, Seiko Presage watches give you more than just accuracy. Playing host to a wide assortment of formal and casual styles, with this collection you can get your hands on everything from playful retro designs to the traditional round shape found in Grand Seiko watches.

Seiko Presage

Seiko 5 Sport

Seiko 5 is the most affordable line that Seiko offers. They are the perfect blend of quality, durability and stylish craftsmanship wrapped into elegant and classic sports watches. They are designed for outdoorsy types, with water resistance, heavy-duty steel cases, day and date windows, and automatic winding.

Seiko 5 Sport

Seiko Premier

Seiko Premier watches offer solar, quartz, kinetic, and mechanical movements for men and women. This classic collection offers a wide range of styles that are ideal for practically any occasion.

Seiko premier

Seiko Astron

With the Seiko Astron line, the Japanese brand revives their traditional craftsmanship in order to introduce it to a whole new legion of watch fans. Having debuted in 1969, Seiko Astron watches on the market today are entirely solar-powered and connected to a GPS, they are also one of the Japanese brand’s more premium lines.

Seiko Astron

Seiko Coutura

The Seiko Coutura series is a collection of elegant watches that come with a host of features, intricate designs, and advanced technology. The collection delivers non-stop performance with solar movements that never require battery changes.

Seiko Coutura

Seiko Le Grand Sport

Seiko Le Grand Sport watches are quartz watches that bridge sport and dress styles. Most of the models feature a stone insert in the crown that is referred to as a ‘cabochon crown’.

Seiko Le Grand Sport

Grand Seiko

In 1960, Seiko created a subsidiary known as Grand Seiko. Aimed at those with a penchant for luxury watches, with this line the brand hoped to create timepieces that would rival most Swiss watches on the market today. With their eye-watering price tag and bespoke detailing, today’s Grand Seiko’s are considered luxury watches by those in the watch community and they even retain their value after they have been worn.

Grand Seiko