Tom Hiddleston – British Sharp Looking Style Icon

Tom Hiddleston – British Sharp Looking Style Icon
tom hiddleston british style icon

Tom Hiddleston

With his pitch-perfect elocution, old-school good looks and mischievous edge, Tom Hiddleston is part of a growing group of old-school English thesps with a thoroughly modern sense of style. Following performances in a number of British dramas and independent features, Hiddleston gained international fame with his performance as Loki in the Marvel Avengers movie series, catapulting him into the spotlight and attentions of sartorially minded folk world-wide.

Like his contemporaries Benedict Cumberbatch and Damian Lewis, Hiddleston manages to successfully mesh that quintessentially “British” air with sharp tailoring and a youthful style, creating an enviable look that can nevertheless be broken down and replicated by the savvy gent.

For his red carpet appearances, Hiddleston favours fitted suits in cool or dark tones, often coupled with a considered tie design as a focal point to a rather minimalist style. Tom’s suits are sometimes further enhanced with a matching waist coat, calmly reasserting that the three-piece revival is still ticking along nicely.

There’s a playful edge to this look that comes across both in Tom’s body language – the key to all successful styles – and in his choice of accompanying pieces. Whether it’s thick framed sunglasses, a bookish scarf or a cheeky pair of cowboy boots, Tom ensures that a flash of personality keeps the look from becoming intimidating. This is reflected in his more casual wear, which functions as the very definition of ‘smart casual’; those same tailored suit trousers and Oxford shoes paired with a
simple T-shirt and leather jacket combo.

Get better acquainted with Mr. Hiddleston’s style below, and see the looks that earned him the titles of GQ’s Man of the Month and Glamour’s Man of the Year.

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