Zara Man – Latest Autumn Winter 2012 Gems

Zara Man – Latest Autumn Winter 2012 Gems


Zara Man

Zara man is a perfect starting point to up date your wardrobe for this winter. I’ve shopped at Zara since 1998 and over the years seen it grow into the largest fashion label in the world. Zara’s strategy is to offer cutting edge fashion at affordable prices by following fashion and identifying which styles are “hot”, and quickly getting the latest styles into stores.

Large choice of styles

Zara creates about 12,000 designs per year (compared this to the retail average which is 3,000 per year). This means that fresh new fashion trends reach the shops more  quickly. A typical Zara’s client goes to the store seventeen times a year (that includes me). Compare this to the average store client which only gets three visits per year.

The Winning Styles

The following collections are what I think is worth buying right now to give your winter wardrobe an updated edge.  What I’ve chosen is not going to break the bank but simply turn heads.

Scarcity, Why you need to buy it now

By reducing the actual produced quantity of each design, Zara produces artificial shortage as well as reduces the risk of having inventory it wouldn’t sell. Scarcity in fashion boosts desirability, which means shoppers need to purchase instantly as the merchandise may not be readily available in a week’s time. I’ve regrettably seen a love find one week, and it is gone the next. Reduced amounts also mean there are not many items to get rid of when the fashion season finishes. Zara just mark downs 18% of its inventory in sales, this  is fifty percent less than the industry average.

Every now and then Zara create pieces that once you try them on they’ll sell like hot cakes.


Pirate shirt, and the design of this jacket simply looks fabulous


This dark grey jacket has loads of attention to detail


Fabulous blazer with loads of attitude


Very stylish and warm winter coat


Leather bomber jackets always stay in vogue


Update your evening wear with this combination


Need a new leather jacket for your motorbike image


Perfect over night bag

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