Tom & Jey – Made To Measure Bamboo Dress Shirts – Kickstarter

Tom & Jey – Made To Measure Bamboo Dress Shirts – Kickstarter


Dress shirts are a staple of a men’s wardrobe, and most of them are made of cotton. The pros of a cotton shirt are that it is breathable, a good conductor of heat, nice appearance and a natural product. It is kind of the standard by which other fabrics for shirts are being judged. The negatives for cotton are that it wrinkles easy and it takes long to dry. With a blend of polyester the wrinkle problem can be solved but at a cost of making it less breathable and therefore uncomfortable to wear on a hot day. And the other major downside of cotton is that most of it is not grown and processed in an environmental friendly way.

Tom & Jey

Tom & Jey an online based company that specialisises in made to measure custom dress shirts are always looking for new fabrics and new technologies to provide their customers with the best garments for dress shirts. They came across bamboo as a fabric which has not been used much at all in made to measure shirts. Bamboo is a revolutionary fabric that has many advantages over cotton and other fabrics.


Bamboo Made to Measure Dress Shirt.

Bamboo Dress Shirts

So what are the advantages of going with bamboo as the fabric for a dress shirt:

  • No pesky odors, anti bacterial: Bamboo has the same moisture wicking properties as merino wool, it moves moisture away from the skin. It absorbs and spreads the moisture out across the fabric and enhances the evaporative drying rate. Can you imagine a shirt that does not smell after wearing it for a long day or even a couple of days.
  • Wrinkle free: Are you tired of ironing your shirts, fear no more as with bamboo you wash it, hang it and it is done. Your shirt is ready to wear for another day in the office.
  • Fast Drying: If you are in a rush or if you travel a lot and need your shirt to dry quick, bamboo is the perfect fabric. It dries very fast, 4 times faster than cotton. The quick drying also keeps you dry whilst wearing it and it keeps you cool anytime.
  • UV- Protection: Bamboo fabric reflects the UV instead of absorbing them which ensures a maximum skin protection from the sun. Bamboo used in Tom & Jey dress shirts has been tested up to UV protection (UPF) of 41.
  • Smooth Silky Feeling: The bamboo combined with microfiber gives the fabric a smooth silky feeling even after hundreds of washes.
  • Eco Friendly: Bamboo grows fast with very little water. No harmful pesticides and fertilizers are used in growing it. Bamboo minimises CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than cotton.


Kickstarter Campaign

To get Tom & Jey Bamboo shirts off the ground, a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been started. With only 22 days left of their campaign, they need your help to finish over the line. With the help of the Kickstarter campaign funds, they can have a successful launch of their unique product. Donations are as low as €5 for your support, where as higher donations will give you the opportunity to become one of the first owners of an Tom & Jey made to measure dress shirt. Here is a link to the Kickstarter Campaign – Tom & Jey – Made To Measure Bamboo Custom Dress Shirts



Customisation Options

As a true made to measure shirt you have various options for customisation.


For more fabric choices and sizing options check out the Kickstarter campaign.

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