While Europeans win among the world’s most famous and best-reviewed cuisines, there are still many things you do not know! Sure, we all love Italian pizza, Greek salad, and Spain’s paella, and still, there are plenty of dishes that, for some reason, escape the general discussion. 

So, if you are on your way to a Eurotrip, check out our list of the top 10 underrated dishes to try here – you will be surprised! 



Initially from the Tuscany region in west-central Italy, Cacciucco is the first one you should try! Forget lasagna in the capital city; rather, take the Rome to Florence train and brush your palette with spiced-up seafood. 

Cacciucco is a mixed dish of many types of seafood, spices, and tomatoes. Try it with the traditional Tuscan bread, and you have yourself a feast! 


Cabbage rolls

While unsurprising, it is quite disappointing that more people are unaware of the delicious Sarmale. Served as a traditional Romanian food, Sarmale might be a challenge to your taste buds, but essential to try nonetheless! 

The dish can be of two variations, though the base remains the same – stuffed leaves. Either cabbage ones or vine leaves, they are usually loaded with minced pork, rice, onion, tomatoes, and spices. Actually, Sarmale has a twinsie in Lithuania, so keep that in mind if you ever visit! 

Tortilla de Patata

Tortilla de Patata

Spain’s beloved capital city is usually best known for Paella, a traditional, spicy rice dish that leaves no surrenders. However, have you ever tried a real Madrileños omelet? 

While most foodies try Valencian cuisine to try out Spanish cooking, we suggest you pack up your bags and board the train from Valencia to Madrid because no other place serves better Tortilla de Patatas! 

This Spanish omelet is made from eggs, herbs, chorizo, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese. It is also served cold, as tapas! While you might consider it a breakfast meal, do not hesitate to pair it with wine. 



Ukraine’s signature dish and a very common dish across all of Eastern Europe, Borscht is a beetroot soup, often accompanied by other ingredients. You can order one with pork, beef, lamb, or chicken. 

Actually, different Ukraine cities have different variations of Borscht; for example, Chernihiv is famous for adding zucchini, beans, and apples to the soup, and the chefs in Lviv add Vienna sausage. So, really, there are plenty of opportunities, and you will definitely find something appealing! 



Now that we are already here in Eastern Europe, let’s visit Poland. While dumplings are a well-known dish all across the world, there is something about Polish Pierogi that all foodies and gastronomy travellers must experience! 

There are all kinds, as well, some of which are highly unlikely for a regular menu. For example, you can have Pierogi with potatoes, cheese, sauerkraut, mushrooms, and more! 



While Hungary is mainly famous for its mind-boggling cityscapes and rich historical background, you should also know that they are proud to present some of the tastiest comfort dishes – and Goulash is definitely one of those. 

Similar to a general beef stew, Goulash is a hot casserole made of beef or pork, potatoes, veggies, spices, and other ingredients, if required. This is a perfect meal for a cold evening or a rainy afternoon, so let it warm you up during crazy winters like these! 


wiener schnitzel

Now that the cooking world is developing at crazy rates, there are more and more new-found recipes that tend to overshadow such classics as a simple Austrian Schnitzel. However, make no mistake – while a bit underrated, Schnitzel has no competition! 

Most of the time served with mashed, fried, or boiled potatoes, this authentic Austrian meal is a gateway into the simpler times when less was definitely more. Originally made from veal, Schnitzel is a must-try if you are seeking rich flavours and flawless texture. 

Cold Beetroot Soup

beetroot soup

Due to its unusual ingredients and temperature, Cold Beetroot Soup is quite often disregarded, but you must give it a chance – once you develop a taste for it, it becomes the perfect summer meal! 

Coming from old Lithuanian traditions, the soup is precisely what it sounds like. Grated beetroot is mixed with cucumbers, onion leaves, dill, and kefir. Kind of like the Ukrainian Borscht but much more refreshing! 

Fish ‘n’ Chips

Fish n Chips

You might be surprised to see it on our list. However! This traditional English meal gets overlooked quite often and is mostly there to entertain first-time-comers. 

Studies have shown that its popularity is reducing, and what was once an all-time-loved meal is quite underrated. It has become more of a bucket list thing, but you should try to enjoy it as a simple snack or a dinner dish every now and again. Let’s go back to the classics! 



Lastly, let’s visit Spain once again! While different kinds of Tapas is a known snack and almost a no-brainer dish, tourists tend to go for Paellas and seafood. However, every big meal requires a bit of preparation, and there is nothing better than several light nibbles. 

So, the next time, make sure you order them first and show some love to the local restaurants and Tapas Bars! 

Everything is lovelier on a full stomach, so you cannot travel without satisfying yourself with some great appetizers and light meals! Keep in mind that these overrated dishes usually come from long-time traditions that can help you acquire some knowledge about a country’s identity. With that in mind, buon apetitto, bon apetit, and Jo étvágyat!