Jansz Restaurant – Amsterdam Reviewed

Jansz Restaurant  – Amsterdam Reviewed

Amsterdam has a wealth of restaurants to choose by. So I was excited to to review Restaurant Jansz which was situated in a very trendy area of Amsterdam. Jansz is part of the hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam, a hotel set within 25 restored 17th and 18th century houses and is located on the Prinsengracht.

From the moment I entered the restaurant the craftsman and interior design stood out and was very enticing. It reminded me of a science lab and for me cooking and presenting food very well is a science in itself. The entrance set the scene from the onset, that I was going to have a fabulous unique lunch.

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I liked this portrait which was situated in the reception area. It was nice to put a face to the original founder Jansz himself.


Executive Chef

It was really nice to meet Executive Chef, Cassidy Hallman from New York. Cassidy is a young vibrant, confident chef who has taken the time to explore the local food and work form there regarding the dishes.

“Jansz restaurant is about learning the craft of local produce and being able to create cuisines in where less is more. Keep it simple and make it look elegant” – Cassidy Hallmann

For me this is what the Dutch culture was all about, to enjoy the fine things in life understated.

Seating Area

When entering the seating area, I really liked the use of copper throughout the kitchen and how I could see the chef creating his dishes. For me sometimes I can’t decide what to eat and therefore, I look at other peoples dishes. I am a visual learner and it is always the best way to get my creative tastes buds going. The decor throughout the restaurant was gorgeous and I loved the natural light.

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I know Amsterdam very well as a city and also I grew up with Dutch people. There were many locals eating here which for me is always a great message in itself.

Restaurant Jansz serves excellent food with an easy going Dutch attitude. The staff were very professional and were well trained in what they were serving, me. They would go into detail if I asked what the cuisines had to offer. The staff were young, vibrant and seemed to enjoy all their customers. In my observation the clientele were from all ages.

Holland is very well known for luxury denim and in most restaurants what is trending more and more is denim aprons. Throughout my stay here, it was really nice to keep looking at a very trendy staff. Again luxury dining, with a modern edgy feel to it.

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We chose the Dover Scallops, which came with a pea puree and this starter was delicious. We also chose a beef tartar with quail egg and the mustard served with it was not the usual combination. It was just like the Dutch, the taste was unpredictable but sweet. The overall presentation was excellent and set the tone for our next course.


Beef Tartar With Quail Egg


Dover Scallop



Regarding beverages there was an extensive wine list to choose by. The dining area was so lovely I can see why customers choose to dink before eating. I decided to represent my country here and chose a Cabernet sauvignon from Barossa Australia. It certainly lived up to its name, Thorn Clarke shot fire quartage. It had a real kick to it and was very strong, I just could not get enough of this wine.


We chose a miso glazed cod, with a dash of broth. This rustic dish lived up to its name and was absolutely delicious, a perfect winter meal for sure. Then we opted for a US hanger steak, with Jerusalem artichokes. The beef was tender and just melted in my mouth. We teamed it with seasonal vegetables. Once again the presentation was excellent.


US Hanger Steak Jerusalem Artichokes


Miso glazed cod, with a dash of broth


Seasonal Vegetables




I am a big lover of pistachio. So I opted for a New York Cheese cake with pistachio sorbet. My team mate opted for a coconut panna cotta lime sorbet. They both were light on the pallet and the servings were perfect.


Coconut Panna Cotta Lime Sorbet


New York Cheese Cake Pistachio Sorbet


Restaurant Jansz offers a wide selection of food to a very high standard. The food presentation was deceiving as the dishes looked complicated and heavy. But in reality it was the opposite and it was the science of fine dining that left me extremely satisfied. Restaurant Jansz is a place I would easily return too. It was the combination of excellent service, great food and a gorgeous setting that did it for me. I really liked meeting Chef Cassidy, who clearly understood what people in Amsterdam were seeking when it came to food.

This was one of the best lunches I have had in Holland to date. To put this comment into perspective, I have been visiting Holland for the last 18 years. Thank you so much to all the lovely staff. See you again soon.


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