Description: You need the best application for designers to succeed in the fashion world as a creator of beautiful products. This post samples only the best app.

Fashion is not a happenstance. It is a product of human imagination and creativity. Whether you want to become an underwear million whose label is a global trend, a household name in jewellery enterprise or a showbiz big shot everyone would want to see on the vogue magazine, fashion is way deeper than most people think.

Anything fashionable isn’t only alluring but also reeks of a well thought out process. Usain Bolt’s patented way of celebrating wins during races, you would agree, is a fad. It means discussions about fashion should not always be about clothing, trendy home decorations, shoes or jewellery. Walking style, hairstyle, nail polishing, too, are glamorous.

In this post, we take a stride into the world of fashion and pick out the best tech apps for fashion designers. But first, here is something to jog your mind a little.

Understanding fashion in the digital age

If you are a fashion enthusiast who never wants to miss a moment, then you are in the right place. Fashion is like the culture of a people. A trend starts in some corner of the world and reverberates around the world. Would you then say that fashion is contagious? Well, whichever way you look at it, the digital age has changed the world of fashion in immense ways.

You don’t have to wait for days to receive a copy of the Vogue, Marie Claire or Glamour. Everything trendy becomes an instant share, thanks to the digital age. From social media, blogs to the most anticipated fashion weeks televised live around the world, fashion is now more contagious than many may have anticipated.  Think about how many people clamour for men’s suits or those who order Amee Philip’s diamond necklaces. They run into millions of people who love to be noticed!

Thus far, you may want to ask a few questions, such as:

  • How is the digital age changing the fashion world?
  • Does technology play significance in apparel design?

The truth is that most fashion trendsetters today attribute their success to technology. In part, mobile and computer applications/programs/software that make it possible to re-imagine, conceptualize and design products are the game-changers. Whether you are an aspiring designer or you are preparing to exhibit your latest creations at upcoming fashion weeks, the best tech apps for fashion designers will mark an important milestone in your quest for stardom.

But, before we narrow down to our best App picks, it is important to bear in mind the following:

  • Like a student learning how to craft a resume, it takes practice, consistency and resilience to hone your craft and fashion sense before hitting the ground running.
  • It wouldn’t be easy competing against the best fashion designers in the world. But with creativity and having a role model from which to learn, you can be at par with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Valentino Garavani, Giorgio Armani and others.
  • Fashion trends should be your best bet on learning what is happening in the world of clothing, décor and jewellery. Thus, getting hooked to the latest news such as those which touch on fashion weeks, 2019 fall trending colours and design will turn your craft into something unique and with which everyone falls in love.
  • There are thousands of technology applications on app stores targeting designers like you, but only the best will move you from a novice to an expert. Find out what we have for you in the next section.

Top picks: Apps every fashion designer needs

In the interest of time, and to help you get started with your first or latest design, we did the dirty work and picked the best applications for you. Take a look.

1. Pro.pose

Are looking for something that can help you turn ideas into sketches? Well, Pro.pose is an iPad application that will not disappoint.  With it, you don’t just create sketches about your ideas; rather, doing so inspires you into wild imagination.

Pro.pose features handy sketching tools such as marker, pen and charcoal. The good thing about using this app is that it doesn’t end with doing it yourself. You get to share your sketch board with others and make improvements based on the advice they give. Pro.pose is a top app for budding designers looking to make a strong fashion statement in the real world.

2. Fashion Design FlatSketch

You will agree that the women’s fashion world is wild and booming. But that’s not the point. If you are looking for an app that will turn your design skills into professionalism, then Fashion Design FlatSketch, by all measures, cuts ways above average. It is a simple application yet features powerful design tools.

With fashion Design FlatSketch, you can choose from more than 1000 graphic elements, sketch details of your idea and add gist to props such as belts, zippers and buttons. It is available for both iOS and Android users, and the good news as soon as you finish designing a cloth, it is exportable.

Fashion Design Flat Sketch app


After completing a course in apparel and clothing design, you will need an app like MyPANTONE. It features intuitive tools such as eye drops to help you match colours with perfect pantones. For those who use it, MyPANTONE is a simple app yet provides you with much-needed shortcuts to being at par with top designers like Tom Ford.


4.  Ruler 2

In most recommendations for top tech apps every fashion designer needs, Ruler 2 always features prominently. And if you ask why, the answer is simple. It lets you take exact measurements of your craft which you can then transfer to a calculator, save for later use or email so that everything is accessible in your cloud storage. Because Ruler 2 is very accurate and lets you take measurements larger than your screen, not to mention its metrics conversion functionality, it is all you need to ignite your fashion sense.

Ruler App

5.  CLO-3D

3-D graphics make designs look real, and for someone who would want to create products for fashion lovers, CLO-3D is the best bet. It helps you visualize and sketch patterns in a 3-D environment. Before exporting your design, fine-tune it real-time by choosing the best fabrics and measurements. Moreover, while you can use CLO to design a cloth from scratch, it also features an avatar that picks up readily available dresses and patterns of any shape and measurement.