We are living in unprecedented times. Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm for most desk jobs. We are also reminded of social distancing rules making it hard to go to a public gym or joining morning joggers. The sedentary lifestyle makes it harder for people to stay fit and healthy.

Top 7 Exercises to Stay Fit When You Work from Home - sit ups

This is a guide on what you can do at home. Remember, you may not have a home gym, and therefore, these exercises are general workout prompts that you can do without any gym equipment. This website offers consistent health and fitness updates to those who are working from home. You can also find great reviews for health and fitness updates. Here are the workouts that you can start with today.


You probably don’t have the same quality of ergonomic furniture at home as you have in the office. Therefore, you are likely to have back problems as a process. You can work on that by doing gentle bridges several times a day. The correct posture for a bridge is sometimes confused. Put down a mat or carpet on the floor. Lay down flat with the face-up. Pull both your feet about a foot nearer to your torso, mostly folding your knees. While keeping your arms firmly on the floor, lift your lower body until only your head and shoulders touch the ground. The trick is to do them gently so that you can exert pressure in all the right muscles.

Top 7 Exercises to Stay Fit When You Work from Home - nr 2 bridges

Flutter kicks

While still in the bridge rest position, lift one leg at a time. You can do flutter kicks or flutter stretches. If you have not been into fitness, start with stretches to minimize the risk of muscle pulls. You can start with one leg at a time before moving both legs simultaneously. This exercise helps you exercise tummy and leg muscles. It also helps strengthen your back and prevent risks for low back pain.


Working your hands and shoulder muscles can be a bit difficult if you don’t have the right push up technique. It is not easy for everyone to achieve a straight body, steady backline, elevated torso, and toe-length support. You may want to start with more subtle standards to get there. You can also try the knee level pushups. Instead of supporting your whole body with your toes, use your knees instead. The idea is to push harder every day. Go one more every day.


Endurance and conditioning training requires some level of proficiency. Once you have gained momentum in your fitness program, you can start doing planks. A plank is easy to pull through for a few seconds, but it gets tougher with time. Stay in a classical pushup position. However, rest on your forearms. The idea is to stay in that position as long as possible.

Supine and bicycle crunches

You can do them together because they are complementary. The correct posture is similar to that of a rest bridge position. However, you will need to work your core body in various ways to achieve the desired outcome. In the bicycle crunches, put your hands on your head and start mimicking riding a bicycle.

Top 7 Exercises to Stay Fit When You Work from Home

You can move sideways, depending on the side you are working out. The left-hand goes with the left leg for a holistic effect. In the supine crunches, raise your lower torso as hi as possible and support it with your shoulders and outstretched arms. The idea is to stretch it lightly but firmly.


There are a variety of lunges to do, depending on your fitness and workout approach. The forward lunges are great to stretch your leg muscles. If you have dumbbells, you can spice things up with them. You can also try walking, jumping, and stationary lunges. The correct approach to making lunges is to keep your core upright.

Jacks and squats combo

This combination is best for everyone from beginner to expert level. For beginners, keep the jumping jacks slow to moderate. You don’t want to start gasping for breath after just a few minutes. Combining it with squats adds the level of difficulty. You can start with sitting squats if you are beginning. You will combine them nicely once you progress.

Jacks are great for your cardio workout. Squats help you work out your leg muscles and improve joint strength. This combo is excellent for anyone who is working at home, preferably those working behind a desk.

Fitness and health is a long-term goal. It is also a lifestyle because it requires consistent and purposeful workouts. Once you have become used to this routine, these workouts will get you started on your path to a healthier you.  Another thing that will help tremendously is maintaining good posture, especially when sitting in front of your desk for hours. Also, make sure to practice proper posture, alignment, and body mechanics when exercising to prevent injury. You can use posture-enhancing products to prevent back pains.