Fashion has been around forever. Even before significant civilizations were formed, people had a particular way of dressing to emphasize their class status. That is exactly what fashion is, emerging from the masses to state your unique yourself. However, a common misconception that people of traditional ideologies have is that fashion and style are passions only for women.

This is an inaccurate bias as men’s fashion makes up a significant part of the fashion industry, its clients, and its customers. They have their own fashion needs and love to feel on the cutting edge exactly like women.

The Dress To Impress Belief

TheDoubleF, strongly believes in dressing as a way to create your own identity, and one of the most successful creations you can find on their e-shop is the Givenchy men’s collection. Givenchy is among the most loved fashion brands in the world, thanks to its way of finding the right balance between streetwear and classic elegance. Maintaining this balance is very important because looks matter only as much as the feeling does.

Perfect in its construction and appearance, every Givenchy garments is definitely comfortable: you can find this great selection on TheDoubleF website.

Givenchy trainers

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The Bags and Accessories

TheDoubleF takes a lot of pride in its assortment of accessories for men. Men can dress up and look and feel the way they want; it is time to break the mould on more conservative creations in men’s footwear.

The bags for men that you can find on TheDoubleF are as practical as they are attractive. They are perfect for a working day, as they can hold your laptop inside; they are also good looking enough for an evening out with friends to keep all of your items safe, like your phone and your wallet.

Pair them both with your casual clothing and your fancy attire to feel on the cutting edge.

Prada black saffiano shopping bag

Prada black saffiano shopping bag – @doublef

The Practical Yet Chic Footwear Stock

Men’s footwear has been fixed to a particular style and colour since forever. There has been no creative or fun element whatsoever, at least until sneakers came along. So why, nowadays, should you choose just plain black sneakers? Is that all a man can ask for?

Clearly, the answer is no. If women have so many options to choose from, then why shouldn’t you? TheDoubleF takes footwear seriously, from very classical footwear, made up from the most precious leather to the sneakers printed with bright colors coming from emerging designers, you will find the best solution to complete your outfit.

One aspect of fashion that one can’t afford to ignore is its inclusiveness. This is because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; it doesn’t matter who is being talked about here, men or women. Everyone should have the right to keep up with the latest fashions. TheDoubleF grants you that power, pick any fashion item you want on the site in your size.

Off White out of office sneakers

Off-White out of office sneakers @doublef