Many employees in your business perform similar work tasks. They work with text and spreadsheets, create presentations, use calendars and email, and communicate through video calls. To do this, your employees need user-friendly and secure software that doesn’t require long setup times.

The basics are already installed on the Mac. And they’re not just “check-the-box” apps, they’re fully loaded with features you don’t have to think about buying similar products. Here’s a look at the apps you’ll use every day. If you need to download for free some suitable software for windows os you can find it at thepiratebays proxy.


This app allows you to manage your time. You can use it to create shared online meetings with employees, as well as pull things up from Mail and Notes. There’s the ability to open files and apps on a schedule, and you can control the calendar itself with your voice. If you schedule an offline meeting and set a location, the system automatically pulls the address, map, and weather info to the event. And it’ll even tell you what time to get out so you’re not late.


A handy tool to sort, write and answer emails. Can’t find the message you need? Just type a keyword in the search bar. And you’ll never miss an important email from your executives or clients by giving them VIP status. You can also color code your messages and turn off notifications when conversations get too hectic.

Calendar and mail in macOS can be used with the popular Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace business services. This is convenient because it forms one business environment: you don’t have to go into several different apps to see where and what meetings are scheduled. What has been entered in exchange and workplace will appear in the standard macOS apps.


This is an office suite that includes three applications. Pages are ideal for word processing, and Numbers are great for creating tables. And Keynote makes great presentations. So even if your colleague works on a PC instead of a Mac, iWork lets you share documents with your colleagues without requiring them to sign up for an Apple ID.


It’s a digital notepad that syncs across all connected devices and lets you write down your thoughts. With the sharing feature, your colleagues can collectively work on ideas and do the planning. You can drag and drop charts, photos, and data from Maps, Safari, and other apps into Notes. Or scan documents in high quality.

Time Machine

Time Machine is a built-in backup feature in macOS. Time Machine automatically backs up your computer to an external drive or network drive. With Time Machine enabled, your employees can protect themselves against accidental deletion or loss of important files. All documents, settings, emails, and programs are easily recoverable.

Programs on your Mac

The App Store, Apple’s online store, has thousands of business apps. They can help your boss get your work done and help employees do their jobs more effectively. Some of them are paid, and many are not. For example, we suggest taking a closer look at the free Deputy. This is an online schedule and shift scheduler that allows you to manage your staff from anywhere in the world.

Among its features are employee performance management, scheduling, shift and task scheduling, labor cost forecasting, and more. The application can be integrated with Azure Active Directory for access control and centralized account management through the Azur portal.

How Do I Migrate My Data from Windows to Mac?

To make migrating data from Windows to Mac as quick, easy, and free as possible, macOS has a built-in proprietary utility called the Migration Assistant. It lets you copy programs, documents, media, mail, calendars, and more from your old computer to your new one.

“The Migration Assistant will place this data in the appropriate folders and link it to the accounts you used on your old device. If you need help, the experts at iOn will safely migrate your corporate data to your new Apple computers.


Apple ships the computers already with the necessary software kit. So the user can turn the Mac on, personalize it, and get to work right away. “Out of the box” is pre-installed the operating system and basic programs for word processing, documents, and multimedia. This means when you buy a Mac, it comes with legal software instead of pirated software. It’s safe and cost-effective because updates to macOS and many other applications are free.

You can install programs that you might need in your work from the App Store. Or you can download them from the company’s official website. If the application is paid, the price will usually be the same for both macOS and Windows. Transferring data from an old computer to a new Mac is also very easy: there is a free Migration Assistant utility for this purpose.