Top European Cities for a Long Weekend

Top European Cities for a Long Weekend

Whether you want a last-minute break now that summer is officially coming, or you want to plan a short trip to brighten up the winter months, long weekends are a way to get away from the humdrum of everyday life, soak up some culture or experience some of the best culinary delights the world has to offer, without requesting days and days of holiday from work. Whatever your reasons, and whoever you plan on going with, here are some of the top European destinations for an unforgettable long weekend away. If you’re travelling from the US and just a couple of days won’t cut it, consider city-hopping around Europe to take in as much as your trip will allow- these destinations are great places to start.

Rome, Italy

One of the best cities to visit while in Europe, Rome will leave you breathless. Filled with monuments, food, and fashion, Rome is a city that will keep you busy every day you are there. Whether that be strolling through the famous “Via Condotti” carrying big shopping bags in each hand, sitting by the Trevi Fountain enjoying a gelato, or even just admiring one of the many ceilings in one of the many churches, you’re definitely in for a swell weekend. Pack comfortable shoes and get ready to explore; Rome’s history is waiting for you!

Top European Cities for a Long Weekend - rome itlay

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Capital to one of the most organized cities in Europe, Amsterdam should be at the top of everybody’s bucket list. Known as “Dam” by the locals, the city is super eco-friendly, has incredible pancakes as an option not only for breakfast but also lunch and dinner, and boasts some of the best museums in Europe. It’s a very popular tourist destination though, but thankfully sites like allow you to get your Van Gogh Museum tickets in advance in order to avoid wasting time and money when standing in line. If you don’t fancy walking all day, but like the idea of public transport even less- hire a bicycle and travel as the locals do!

Top European Cities for a Long Weekend - Amsterdam

Barcelona, Spain

Colourful and energetic, Barcelona is a city that will capture your heart and keep you going back for more. With the famous official naptime after lunch- the “siesta”, the Spanish are serious when it comes to beauty sleep. Take a walk down “Las Ramblas” all the way down; they will bring you to the beach! With delicious food such as Paella or the sweet Crema Catalana and perfect weather all year round, Barcelona is most definitely one of the places to visit when in Europe.

Top European Cities for a Long Weekend - Barcelona

Paris, France

One of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris is luxurious, high-end, and beautiful. With its macarons, Eiffel Tour, and Chanel, no wonder it has become one of the most visited cities in Europe. Also known as the “City of Lights” or “City of Love”, Paris manages to surprise every one of its visitors. Take a walk down Champs D’elysee and enjoy the long weekend! Paris in the springtime is truly gorgeous but also very bust, perhaps an autumn trip would suit those travellers looking for a slightly more chilled out trip.

Top European Cities for a Long Weekend - Paris

Glasgow, Scotland

Home to many famous music festivals, Glasgow is the destination that has no age requirements, as there is truly something for everyone. Glasgow celebrates the arts and is rich in beautiful architecture and style. With music and style being at the center of the city’s mainframe, Glasgow is also one of the UK’s best shopping venues. It is also famed for its friendly inhabitants, known to smile and say hello as you pass in the street.

Top European Cities for a Long Weekend - Glasgow

Europe has a huge variety to offer and you can find a city that has exactly what you’re looking for. But if the trip is short- preplanning and good research will be very useful beforehand. Not only will you know where you’re going as you’re wandering the streets of the city, but you will also be able to visit the most important sights while there. Protection Status

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