For Spring 2016, men´s hair trends will display a collective revival of vintage inspired hairstyles with redefined dimensions and modern re-interpretations. There will be style to suit everyone with their wide array of hair looks and featured trends that can be reproduced and restyled for different hair types, colours and lengths. Looking sharp on the street has never been easier, thanks to a multitude of classical styles and cuts. Even the Spring 2016 runways from Paris and Milan displayed these trends; from revived pompadours to redefined fringes, you hair can now be the most distinguished accompaniment for your spring and summer looks.


Fifties Slick

A distinctive fifties hair reference was the order of the day for design dynasties like Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. So just what is required to achieve the fifties slick hair trend?  Well, a good quality hair gel or a mousse will add deep shine and final sleekness for a worthy update to this decade. Keep things plain and elegant with a shiny slicked back look (Downtown Abbey) or add dimension with fifties partings that will register edgy and voluminous (Think Happy Days). Once your hair is dry, simply comb through lightly to add a bit of complimentary texture.



Modernised Side Partings

For decades before, both on and off the catwalk, the classic side parting has been a permanent fixture in the male aesthetic. Newer interpretations of this style announce reinvented takes of this traditionalist trend. . This style can be very easily harnessed for men with all hair types – from poker straight to tight and tousled. One key trick is to make sure that you blow-dry your hair after a good quality matte or mousse product has been worked in. Try out different hair parting positions for your own personal reinvented version of this hair trend to keep things more bespoke.


The Pompadours

Thanks to a shift in sartorial style, the pompadour is enjoying a comeback. Newer interpretations of this hair trend are portraying it in a more textured form. Obeying the classical rules of keeping the sides of your hair intensely short and not being afraid to add longer and more voluminous dimensions on the top for an edgier re-take. For men with curlier hair, you can easily add dimension with a strategic technical trim that will give a better proportion to your layers and length. If you are lucky enough to sport straighter hair naturally, then you can very easily harness the natural hair type in a side swept pompadour for an alternative re-take on this time-served look.


Redefined Fringes

Alongside their female counterparts, male fringes featured strongly in many spring runways. Dior Homme presented a refined and sleek blow dried offering in a nineties aesthetic whilst other designers like Calvin Klein focused on texture and dimension. Fringe options work better with straighter hair types (as well as those with longer lengths). Choosing the right product plays a big role here as a versatile hair mousse or pomade will go a long way for good control when adapting this hair trend.


Textured Curls

If you have very curly or wavy hair, then this is a perfect option for you. As seem from New York fashion week, designers and hair dressers loved featuring textured curls in their latest spring offerings. Taking inspiration from the volumised versions of this hair trend which was all the rage in its full natural glory at Valentino, and dressed down with a baseball cap at Salvatore Ferragamo, gave the model armies a classical yet modern look. If you desire to re-interpret this look at home, then start by detailing what kind of curls you naturally possess. If your hair is wavy then apply matte hair mousse for extra kick and for curly hair, caress with pomade to add more distinction to your overall look.