4 Body Issues That Make Men Unattractive and How to Fix Them

4 Body Issues That Make Men Unattractive and How to Fix Them

We all have plenty of insecurities, but men are often more unwilling to discuss them and prefer to deal with them in silence. Many people feel insecure thinking that they are not tall, sexy, smart, beautiful, or good-looking enough. People who are in control of their vulnerability frequently feel prone to acknowledging inadequacy. In this article, we are going to discuss further how to fix the body issues that make you feel unattractive.

1. Man Boobs

Gynecomastia which is also known as man boobs or commonly called mobs is a medical condition in males that refers to the enlargement of male breast tissues. Men grow boobs caused by estrogen and testosterone imbalances. This is a very common disorder affecting between 50 to 70% of teenagers and men. It is quite normal for boys around puberty and for individuals 50 and older.

When something like this is genetic and does not go away, you need to have it surgically corrected. If it is mainly due to excess body fat, so there’s a chance that by eating right and exercising you can keep it under control. If you have tried all the workouts from the fitness magazines and websites and you just can’t get them away, you can also check how to get rid of man breasts with Crazy Bulk. The experts from here agree that you need to rebalance your estrogen-testosterone ratio in favor of testosterone to get rid of your man boobs and help lower your overall body fat.

2. Overweight

Many of us are watching models and adverts that suggest that men should look fit and muscular. No wonder other men’s biggest concern is their weight, and the pressure from everywhere to lose weight. You can manage to lose some weight and feel good about yourself with a proper and strict diet and exercise. Ensure a high protein diet and avoid fruit juice and sugary drinks. Calorie counting is also one of the simplest and most successful ways to rapidly start losing weight, but keeping in mind that not all calories are the same.

3. Short Height

There is no escaping the fact that many ladies are more drawn to taller guys, and that is why this is also one of the biggest insecurities among men. Some think that height correlates with strength, and the ability to safeguard. If you are rejected by a person of your romantic interest because of your height, this can be difficult to accept, as once you’re through puberty, you usually stop getting taller. This means you are unlikely to grow your height as an adult. However, you can do a lot in your adolescence to make sure you optimize your growth potential. As an adult, you must continue these to encourage overall health and maintain your height.

4. Losing Hair

Loss of hair is very common among men as young as 30 and some deal with it better than others. Most men have a baldness correlation in which they are less desirable, less masculine, and look older. Bald folks have been granted renewed hope when scientists discovered follicle cells could be reawakened, they might grow their hair again. Studies also found that the skin on bald men’s heads retains almost as many possible hair cells.

By maintaining your weight in check or with the right combination of hairstyle, clothing, and attitude you can look better. Inevitably, if you practice self-acceptance, you will feel happier and confident. We hope these tips have been helpful!

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