Troy Alexander – London Collections Men Review

Troy Alexander – London Collections Men Review

Troy Heyward - London Collections: Men 2013

Troy Alexander – Review of London Collections Men 2013

London Collections: Men - Jan 2013I was truly inspired by London Collections: Men. It articulated both the commercial and creative importance of Britain’s brands and looming talent along with its rich cultural landscape. It also represented something in a very small circle “people in fashion or fashion folk”. How many men outside of the fashion world would spend upwards of £350 on a shirt or wear slim fitting trousers? It’s a small number now, but with exposure to men’s fashion growing every day, that is about to change.  It’s not hard to understand why there is a perception, though it can be a huge misconception.

I saw the rich heritage of The English Gentleman at Savile Row. The bespoke tailors along with the best hatters and shirt makers London has to offer put on a commanding and strong display of sixty gorgeously crafted garments that truly sealed London’s position as the world’s capital for tailoring. I saw emerging talent from the capital’s designers that were timeless, wearable and accessible pieces. A successful second year!

I believe that men have never been more ready to embrace fashion. I aspire to guide them in understanding and appreciating style. The ability to be stylish lies within any interested man.

My personal style and interest in fashion is inspired by my travels growing up as a child of the U.S. military and more importantly, my mother- one stylish woman. I have always seemed to understand what colors and cuts best articulate my physique and by extension, my clients’.

My favorite style tip and one that was evident during the collections: Men need to know how to wear color. Not color for color’s sake, though a pop of color is never a bad thing.  But wearing color can enhance and heighten the face’s expressive capacity and make one look, and feel, more engaged in the world.

My favorite quote: “You have to be a part of your time and make it your job to sense it and then turn it into a thing.” – Tom Ford (House of Gucci)


Troy Heyward - London Collections: Men 2013

London Collections men 2013

The moment menstylefashion spotted Jason and Troy

Troy Heyward - London Collections: Men 2013

Troy’s partner in crime, Jason, at the London Collections: Men both guys flew from New York to attend this event.

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