Try Wahl SPL Power Hair Clippers for Superior Home Hair Styling

Try Wahl SPL Power Hair Clippers for Superior Home Hair Styling

When you are well-groomed, it makes all the difference in creating a good lasting impression on people. And, an important basic aspect of good grooming is getting regular haircuts.

However, frequent visits to the barbers can get rather expensive, especially if you have short hair style that grows fast. At such cases, it’s a sensible decision to invest in your own set of professional grade hair clippers, that you can use at home, providing you learn some basic hair trimming skills.

With the Wahl SPL Power Clipper now you can easily cut your hair in the convenience of your own home. The cordless hair clipper delivers a powerful performance that allows the hair clipper to move effortlessly through the thickest hair with no pulling and delivers a professional haircut.

The Wahl SPL is a premium hair clipper, manufactured by world-renowned Wahl, founded by Leo J Wahl in 1919 when he invented the first pair of electric hair clippers. Ever since Wahl has been at the forefront of several innovations and has created several products that have made them the leaders in the hair products and accessories industry.

Wahl has its manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Europe and creates high-quality cutting products that offer unrivalled performance. Wahl’s dedication to producing superior-quality products and their excellent customer service has made Wahl the No. 1 choice for all professional barbers and hairdressers across the globe.

Wahl SPL Hair Clipper Overview

Try Wahl SPL Power Hair Clippers for Superior Home Hair Styling

The Wahl hair clipper is equipped with superior-quality professional-grade steel blades and a powerful motor and that allow the hair clipper to effortlessly cut even extremely thick hair without causing any discomfort.

The Wahl hair clipper is extremely easy to use, control and it feels extremely comfortable in your hand. It is a perfect tool to clean up necklines, trim around the ears and for sideburn touch-ups. The clipper comes with 10 attachments that allow varying cutting lengths.

The Wahl hair clipper features the superior SPL or Superior Performance Lithium technology that offers 50% more power, which allows you to use the clipper for a longer period of time of around 120 minutes with very short charging times. You have the option of using the hair clipper with the cord or cordless, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out. The cordless option also gives you a good range to move about freely.

Features of the Wahl Hair Clipper

Try Wahl SPL Power Hair Clippers for Superior Home Hair Styling

  • Comes with 10 attachments
  • Cutting lengths from 3-25 mm (0.8 mm without combs)
  • Battery-powered, powered by lithium-ion batteries
  • Superior Performance Lithium (SPL) technology
  • Charge Time: 3 hours, which gives a runtime of around 120 minutes
  • Quick Charge Option: 15 minutes
  • Smart LED charging indicator light
  • Taper lever (thumb adjustable)
  • Blades made of high-grade carbon steel
  • Dual voltage (110-120 volts and 220-240 volts)
  • Kit Includes: Power hair clipper, guide combs (8 nos.), right and left ear taper combs, barber comb, scissors, blade oil, cape, cleaning brush, charger and soft pouch for storage
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Advantages of the Wahl Hair Clipper

Long Battery Life

The lithium-ion batteries used in the Wahl hair clipper that have been manufactured using the SPL technology are the perfect blend of high-quality design and modern technology which provides twice the running time and twice the power as compared to regular battery-powered hair clippers. Also, the time taken for charging is significantly lesser, which means that you don’t have to charge the clipper very often.

Cutting Length Variations

The Wahl hair clipper comes along with 10 attachments that offer varying cutting lengths ranging between 3-25 mm and you also have the option of using it without the combs to get a shorter 0.8 mm cut.

Precision Blades

The blades of the hair clipper are precision ground and made of high-quality carbon steel that offers an excellent cutting experience and the blades stay sharper for longer periods of time.

Corded and Cordless

You can use the Wahl hair clipper with the cord plugged into the power outlet or you can use it cordless too. Although the battery life is quite long, with the option of using the cord, you can have plenty of peace of mind that your work won’t be interrupted if the charge of your battery runs out. The cordless option also provides the great convenience and allows you to move around without being hampered by the cord.

Universal Voltage

The Wahl hair clipper operates on worldwide voltage, which is a great benefit, as now you can use your trimmer anywhere across the world and you can carry it with you wherever you are travelling.

If you’re looking to buy a set of hair clippers, the Wahl SPL’s are well worth a look.

Regarded highly by hair product specialists – electric shaversuk, and NPD Industry Performance Awards – these power precision clippers will help you craft the perfect style from the comfort of your own home, for a professionally groomed look, the varied features, accessories and positive industry feedback of the Wahl hair clipper make it an excellent buy. Protection Status

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