Turtleneck Shirt – Team it with a Jacket

Turtleneck Shirt – Team it with a Jacket

Turtleneck Shirt - Team it with a Jacket

The Turtleneck shirt is a timeless piece that just completes any look for winter. It’s very obvious it’s back.

How To Wear A Turtleneck Shirt?

It’s clear the turtle neck for this coming winter has to be teamed with a jacket. You can wear it with a Jean jacket, wear it with a suit or blazer jacket. Even team it with a leather jacket or a Duffel coat. The challenge is choosing the right colour for you and one that blends in with your jacket. The biggest essential is trying to maintain a toned tummy at the same time. I’m loving the added accessory of a polka dot scarf wrapped loosely around  the turtle neck.


With these types of styles if you go for an inexpensive turtleneck, in no time at all it will show. Also the cheaper turtleneck fabrics tend to give you that nasty itchy feeling all related to the fabric. Make sure you go for a nice cotton blend to avoid discomfort.

Turtle Neck - Team it with a Jacket 2


Turtleneck Shirt - Team it with a Jacket 3

Steve mcQueen wearing a Turtleneck Shirt

A turtle neck never dates

Turtleneck Shirt by Canali 2012

Canali turtle neck

Turtleneck combined with Leather Jacket by Hugo Boss

It’s about choosing the right colour with the jacket

Turtleneck Shirt with checkered jacket


Turtle Neck with Suede Jacket


Turtle Neck with Jacket, Hat and Gloves

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