The Correspondents – Get Inspired By Men’s 1920’s Fashion Style

The Correspondents – Get Inspired By Men’s 1920’s Fashion Style

F.Scott Fitzgerald, 1920′s fashion icon

The Correspondents

The band, The Correspondents, are a big hit for their original way of mixing swing jazz and hip-hop. They also embrace fashion with gusto. Their latest video echoes 1920’s men’s cabaret and Mr Bruce is undoubtedly a bit posh. Is this a sign that the Roaring Twenties revival for men, will be hot this coming winter?

The 1920’s were an extremely distinctive set of years giving birth to jazz music, the flapper (like the young man), prohibition gangsters and many other features that labelled the era as the Roaring Twenties.

The men’s trend had been determined by an enormous trend with regard to leather-based traveling jackets by the world famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh. The Prince of Wales offered taste in suits, though the (blank) adorn suit impact was Al Capone and F.Scott Fitzgerald. They developed that rebellious suit image of power and influence for men to aspire too.

Trend Setters

The suit design went from a stocky appearance to the more slender, agile and boyish look. One of the most sort after hairstyles was the slicked-back hairstyles. Men left the top layers longer, combed back those layers and greased with tonic to provide very sophisticated look. Those Slicked-back hairstyles were very classic and men wore them in the formal dressy occasions.

Charlie Chaplin introduced his tramp character that best suited the feelings of many immigrants. The tight, sleek coat which was refreshing to see in America at the time. On the video focus on the outfits, it is a great fashion inspiration of the 1920’s and one I would encourage to adopt for winter 2012/2013.

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Watch the Correspondents perform “Washington Square”

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1920's mens fashion icons

1920’s men’s inspiration for 2012


F.Scott Fitzgerald, 1920′s fashion icon

F.Scott Fitzgerald, 1920’s fashion icon


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Al Capone, lived and dressed the 1920's gangster life

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1920's mens fashion icons

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1920's mens fashion icons

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