Undercut Fade – Hairstyles for Men

Undercut Fade – Hairstyles for Men

An undercut fade hairstyle is also known as a disconnected haircut. It is a unique cut that features a slight fade to classic undercut stiletto.

Mid-Blowing Undercut Fade Haircuts to Try This Year

There is a myriad of undercut fade haircuts for guys, each with a standout look and different styling options. Generally, this haircut is all about buzzing your manes downward to the same length, starting at the temp to the back. You may choose to style the hair at the top long or medium length.

This haircut resembles a high fade, but you may choose to style different medium length haircuts into a slicked back, even or into a pompadour. We have listed some of the chicest and most sophisticated undercut fade hairstyles for you to consider before this year ends. Take a gander here and be inspired.

Classic Undercut Fade and Hair Spikes

When you pair the chicest undercut hair trends with simple, yet sophisticated and cool spikes, you end up with a perfect haircut that is suitable for all events.

This hairstyle emphasises on the manes at the back and that on the sides of your head. The long locks are styled into spikes, which are then given side sweep, rather than leaving them straight as it happens with the traditional spikes.

The Undercut for Thick Hair

One of the key reasons why so many guys prefer this fade hairstyle is that it looks so natural. It is an ideal look for guys with thick hair because it shows off your beautiful waves.

This haircut is achieved by combing the hair on the top to the back and then aligning the fade undercut on both sides.

Textured Undercut

Who said that bangs should always be worn on the front? This hairstyle proves that wrong. Bangs can also be styled at the back and still look gorgeous, especially if you want to rock this textured undercut.

Textured manes look amazing when perfectly swept to the back and then paired with an undercut fade on the sides.

Upswept Textured Undercut and a Candy Colour

This gorgeous fade hairstyle is amazingly effortless to create than it may seem to you. If you are not into the candy colour, you may choose any shade that complements your personal style.

The hairstyle, on the other hand, will require some skills to style the hair on top perfectly and give it a sexy texture and fade it gradually on the sides to the skin.

Drop Fade Curly Undercut With A Fringe

With this undercut fade haircut, everything detail is taken care of. The central aspect is the fringe in the front that gives this style a unique look. You can recreate a slight drop fade as the hair gradually becomes tall on top.

On the crown, the manes are kept short and long at the front. You may let your fringe to hang freely on your eyebrows or simply comb it to enhance its length. This hairstyle is ideal for informal events. So when you rock it for the late-night Friday party, you will be the centre of attraction.

Drop Fade and a Flat Top

With the incorporation of an edgy undercut to your drop fade, this beautiful fade hairstyle gets a stylish makeover. However, depending on your hair texture, you can choose to shave your curls to create shape or comb them lightly to create a taller shape. The results of this would be a more voluminous and textured look.

Furthermore, you should remember that the beauty of this hairdo is completely dependent on height.

Undercut Fade and a French Top

The combo of an undercut fade and a French crop is an excellent look that any guy would want to try. It looks great on both low fade, medium fade, and drop fade. The length is reduced gradually, starting at the back to the front.

This haircut also doesn’t require complicated hairstyling, and as such, it will not consume a lot of your time styling it in the morning. While the manes at the back are maintained shorter than that on the front, it is possible to wear it.

In addition, the choppy fringe of this haircut is kept short and doesn’t go beyond your eyebrows. To get this look, you will need to have a wide-toothed comb. Style it after washing to avoid hair breakage.


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