Unisex Outfits, What Do You Think?

At this day we can see many men tried to make some experiments with their clothes. As people going to be more open-minded, men didn’t feel ashamed for becoming more “fashionable”, there’s no more negative stereotype about it. In some cases, we can see some men also try to combine their styles with some “girly” stuffs, like wearing some women clothes or accessories which men thinks suitable for himself. But sometimes women’s stuffs have different size and they aren’t fitted for our bodies. So why don’t try to wear a unisex one? Some designers already created clothes which can fit for both men and women, and it’s such an equality of fashion. Ever wondered that you could wear same outfits with your girl friends?

What is unisex fashion?

Unisex (for me) is an evolution of fashion world, I mean in this industry, the distance between masculine and feminine seems very close. It also doesn’t matter if men dressing like a women, or vice versa. Unisex emphasise that we, men and women are the same, not physically but somewhat we have same desires, furthermore, unisex styles have many choices to dress up like what we like, I mean we have same chances like women. I always feel envy with all the girls, they can be masculine also feminine with their wardrobes. Therefore, I believe that this invention is one of the way for us to make our ‘new look’, because fashion concerns what look good for us and how we can express it.

 What unisex outfits look like? Are they too ‘girly’ for us?

A canadian unisex designer, Rad Hourani once said, “All my pieces are unisex so you can wear it feminine, masculine, a guy can wear it, a girl can wear it, at any age, anytime, anywhere.” If you follow Hourani’s collections, his clothing line goes beyond crossovers between male and female wardrobes, and there’s no too ‘girly’ or too ‘sassy’ for us.

So now back to you again, do you dare to wear it?

So let’s take a look from his latest Ready-to-wear Collections.

•There are only 3 major colours: black, white, and blue crepe.

•The cutting is very simple and some designs are having asymmetrical cuts (my favourite).

There’s another famous unisex designer, Jonathan Anderson with his own brand, J.W. Anderson, from his latest collections (AW13), challenges us to be brave with our own styles. Rather than blurring gender, he brings boys in skirt, dresses, and boob tubes, and some of the models look adorable, unfortunately many believes it’s a fail, ugly, and unacceptable. But for me, that’s the deep meaning of fashion, “there’s no time for us to play it safe”. It’s an expression of art form and somewhat a concept of pushing the boundaries.


JW Anderson FW13 compilation


Rad Byrad - Unisex collection 2013



Rad Byrad - Unisex collection 2013

Rad Byrad - Unisex collection 2013

Rad Byrad - Unisex collection 2013