Moscow Street-Style Fashion

Moscow – Russian Street Style Fashion

In Moscow, like in any other megalopolis, you can meet people who care about their style, and those who don’t. One can say the same not only about women but about men as well. Moscow is bright and multicultural city, and here are always men who decide to obtain and afterwards to observe their individual style depending, for example, on the place they were born or grew up. And there are always those who like fashion and even more, who like bespoke which is widely spread now in the capital of Russia.

Moscow Style

In fact, some people prefer to dress the casual way as shirts, jeans, or pullovers. It’s really very convenient, and it’s better to wear the clothes of dark colours which can hardly be soiled. Besides, most of the Muscovites spend their working time in the office where the rules of dress code are applicable. As for shoes, many prefer comfortable ones because they need to go very fast.

Among fashionable men in Moscow, who are usually sales managers, key accounts managers, middle level managers and simply those who care about their style and image, the question of what to wear has one answer, and it’s bespoke. There are many bespoke and made-to-measure brands in Moscow, and they are not only foreign, as, for example, Savile House by Scabal, one of the leading European textile brands. Some individual entrepreneurs open their offices and accept orders as well.

Moscow dandies who prefer individual approach for their clothes over mass market trends usually blog about this. They write about their new tasteful clothes, post some photos of it, share some thoughts about real gentleman image in general, and tell about some new advertising campaigns of famous brands. In fact, being stylish doesn’t mean you have to spend all the salary on fancy bespoke or made-to-measure clothes sewn with the help of famous brands templates, but you have to be interesting, and have a nice taste. That’s the thing many dandy bloggers teach their followers.

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Moscow Street-Style Fashion


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