Untroubled Motoring – 5 Proactive Motor Maintenance Tips

Untroubled Motoring – 5 Proactive Motor Maintenance Tips

Many drivers adopt a fundamentally reactive approach to engine maintenance whether they realize it or not. Waiting until a dashboard light comes on or some strange sounds crop up means responding to problems that have already become established.

Over time, that will force any vehicle’s engine to endure avoidable wear and become more vulnerable to breaking down. This will inevitably result in increased costs of operation whether because of the need to pay for expensive repairs or to retire a worn-out vehicle before its intended time.

Being consistently proactive about car maintenance will virtually rule such problems out. Drivers who make use of the following four tips can count on paying lower operational costs and enjoying significantly improved reliability.

1. Keep Up With Lubrication

Internal combustion engines turn over thousands of times each minute while also developing and sustaining high levels of compression. The tight physical clearances required to produce high levels of torque and power can only be maintained with proper lubrication.

Should an engine’s oil become contaminated or depleted, wear-inducing friction will follow. A motor that does not stay lubricated as intended will always give up the ghost sooner than it should have.

Fortunately, companies like the one online at telletire.com make it easy to ensure that an engine will never lack lubrication. From appropriate weights of oil to the attention paid to individual grease points, nothing is more important to the health of an engine than lubrication.

2. Top-Off Coolant Regularly

Once upon a time, engines relied on blown air to remove the heat they generate. Denser liquid cooling media, though, are a lot more capable than gaseous air of absorbing and transporting heat.

As a result, almost all internal combustion engines on the market now use water-based coolants. Should an engine ever lack the coolant it needs to remain within its intended range of operating temperatures, serious damage can easily ensue.

It should only take a few seconds to check a vehicle’s coolant, so this important maintenance task should be carried out regularly. Many drivers simply pop the hood when refueling to make sure enough coolant is available.

3. Check Belts and Replace as Needed

Although an engine’s crankshaft is responsible for transferring the majority of the power it generates, there are other mechanical linkages that carry loads of their own. Most engines feature one or more belts that power accessories or connect them to critical components like camshafts and alternators.

Whether a vehicle includes a serpentine belt or a pair of simpler ones, these parts need to be inspected regularly. When a belt fails and breaks, it can cause damage to surrounding parts and other serious problems. Belts should also be replaced on a set schedule, which is typically determined by a vehicle’s manufacturer.

Serpentine belt car engine

4. Keep the Engine Compartment Clean

Turning gasoline or diesel fuel into power is difficult, dirty work. Engine compartments often end up caked in baked-on grease, grime, and other contaminants.

Unfortunately, all that detritus will contribute to accelerated wear for a motor and its subsystems. Keep your vehicle’s engine compartment clean and you will end up paying less to drive it over time.

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5. Regas The Airconditioning

The airconditioning unit in your car slowly loses gas and therefore the ability to cool your car effectively. You will hate it when your car is parked in the sun on a hot day and you can not cool the interior quickly. Every two to three years you should regas your airconditioning a good place to do it in Australia is at https://natrad.com.au/air-conditioning/car/regas/.

Proactive Maintenance Pays Off

Staying on top of these four maintenance-related duties will make it less likely that an engine will develop problems. Proactive maintenance pays off not only with regard to increased reliability but also with reduced costs over the long term.

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