10 Reasons to Get a Personalised Number Plate For Your Vehicle

10 Reasons to Get a Personalised Number Plate For Your Vehicle

Personalised number plates may sound like something too fancy for many of us. You may believe that personalised number plates are luxury accessories for the rich only. In reality, there is a very different picture of who uses personalised number plates. The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) raises more than 100 million pounds per year in revenue from personalised number plates.

DVLA approves both buying and selling of number plates. They also regulate all the legal frameworks regarding personalised number plate issues. However, getting through the DVLA procedure is not that easy. Also, you may not be able to find the number plate you want at an affordable price.

The good news is that there are dealers who can get you your desired customized number plates hassle-free for you. They allow reg lookup, offer very attractive prices and they provide excellent customer support. You can also pay with their secure payment systems to get your number plate.

What makes personalised number plates more valuable? To understand that, you have to look at it from a car lover’s perspective. For a car lover who looks at his car as a unique piece of art, he will want to embellish it with an equally unique number plate. The unique number plates represent his personality and what he wants the world to know about him.. There are more benefits to personalised number plates. Let’s explore more.


1. Good Investment

Number plates with popular tags are limited edition plates. If you have a popular one, then you can sell it at a higher price down the line. A personal number plate had registration with a tag named “F1”. Guess what happened? It got so popular, that it sold at 4,40,000 pounds in 2008.

You can customize the plate with any tag you like. If you want to make money with number plates, do some research on popular number plates. What are the tags that people love to stick in their vehicle number plate?

2. Put Your Name As Brand Name

Some car enthusiasts are quite hardcore about it. One of their passions is to customize and modify their cars to their personalities. Other than that, participating in a race or car show runs through their collective veins. If you are an avid car enthusiast, then you can put your name on a personalised number plate. You can also do that same for your company. That is unique and bold.

3. Express Creativity

A personalised number plate is also a good platform to express your creativity and make it exclusively and uniquely yours. Experts say putting numbers instead of letters makes it more attractive. For instance, instead of writing magic, you can use MAG1C.

Some people also use the First name or surname in a more creative way. For example, instead of Fabin, you can try 4bin. There are plenty of ideas to customize your plate to a unique one.


4. You are a Big Fan

You can personalize the number plate after something or someone near and dear to you. This can be the name of your spouse, sport celebrity you are a fan of, a football club you support, name of your city important to you, or something else. The DVLA number plate allows you to express the passion of a big fan.

5. All Attention on You

A cool number plate will turn heads of car enthusiasts. All you need is to put something eye-catching on a personalised number plate. Even if your car is not new, a customized number plate can turn heads – sometimes even more than new cars would.

Beware though, do not use any offensive words on number plates. Plates like “BU14SHT” may grab attention but are prohibited by DVLA authority. Keep it clean and simple; there are hundreds of ways to make it catchy.

6. Easy Identification

Although we like to think our car is unique to us, the reality is, there can be hundreds of cars of the same model, make, and colour. Especially the case with a popular model. In some cases, the plate numbers can sometimes even be close to one another. A unique personalised number plate helps you easily identify your car in a large parking lot. A personalised number plate saves time and eliminates confusion to identify it easily. A customized number plate is easier to remember than a randomly selected one.

7. Affordable Option

There is a common misconception that personalised number plates are expensive. That is true to some extent. Some unique customized number plates are expensive but not all personalised plates have to be costly. The good news is you don’t have to break your bank to order a personalised number plate. There are a good number of personalised plates in an affordable range. There is always a chance to find a good one under 200 pounds.

8. Hiding Car Age

A personalised number plate is an excellent way to hide your vehicle’s age. In ordinary plates, they have a prefix that denotes the date of its registration. But, in a customized number plate, you don’t have to have that date listed, so it becomes harder for someone to guess the age of your car.

9. Easy to Remember

You may have to remember the plate number while paying fees in a parking lot or filling an insurance form. A personalised number plate is short and easy to remember. Also, you can easily spot your number in official papers. Filling the wrong numbers in papers can create big confusions. A personalised plate can be the perfect solution for that.


10. Wonderful Gift

A personalised number plate can be a great gift to any vehicle enthusiast. DVLA provides personalised number plates for 10 years of use. You can then renew it or sell it. It is easy to order a custom plate online and send it to a spouse to surprise him anytime.

Check It Before You Buy

Before you buy a personalised number plate, check whether it is duplicate of any existing ones or not. You must do some research to find the best possible combination. Good research can get you the number plate that goes beyond your expectations.

A personalised number plate is a long-run item. So, frequent buying and selling won’t serve its purpose. In case you are up for a trade, you have to wait for a year because of some terms and conditions of DVLA.

It is important to compare the prices for the most suitable option. In case you are investing in personalised number plates, then research and comparison are a must for your trade. Make sure, you are not violating any rules of DVLA to play it safe.

It does not matter whether you have a sports car, classic car or an old fashioned vehicle, get a personalised number plate to give it a new identity. It not only increases the image of your vehicle but also adds more value to it. Try it; Surely you won’t regret it.

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