What is the most common digital object we do see nearly everyone holding in their hand around the globe? Yes a mobile phone. Why are Iphones still one of the best selling items on the market for many years now? It’s simple, Apple understood from the onset that design is a powerful statement for people. So let me introduce you to Uplond, a company that designs beautiful portable power banks. In their own words.

People are identified by the objects they own but these objects are owned by millions of people. You are not unique. But with UPLOND’s first product LOR.  A power bank that will make you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, stylish, luxurious way that whispers to the world your appreciation of the finest things in life.

I certainly have noticed with guys over the years that public image for men has become, just as important as the very smart devices themselves. Take a look at your current power bank and ask yourself. Would I showcase my power bank in front of a very important business client? Would I showcase my current power bank whilst on a first date? If you said no. There is a very simple logic reason for this. Uplond, was created because of this.

The contrast between each person’s unique dress style and their ordinary phone was striking.

Uplond The Story

A summer night in 2015, a group of friends, later to become the founders of UPLOND, were having drinks in Mayfair’s Lancashire Court, in London. They were facing an alley full of tables and well dressed people. Some of them were interacting with their smartphones, some others were frequently checking their phone on the table. All phones looked the same: Industrial made, plastic electronic devices with no soul. This was the moment UPLOND’s first product LOR was conceived: A power bank that will make you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, stylish, luxurious way that whispers to the world your appreciation of the finest things in life.

High Technology Versus Style

For guys its the detail that counts. I admire men dissecting objects drawing attention to detail what they love about their mobile phone designs.  But I also notice they won’t compromise the design with its functionality. With Uplond, the battery capacity of 2000 mAh is why your smart device can be charged on a daily basis anytime you need too. Regarding the cable. With Uplond, it is intended to be highly portable, the charging cable is embedded into the product.
Guys this is one thing you don’t have to worry about. With Uplond, you won’t be losing your cable.
At the same time, with Uplond, the materials used for making the LOR power bank are all chosen by you the customer. You can create your own very bespoke power pack that represents your personal style let alone your personality. The leather used for the back side and the charging connector is made of one piece. This allows the connector to have one colour on both sides.

Manufacturing Time

Manufacturing only begins only after an order has been received. The expected delivery time is about 4 – 6 weeks. Guys this is like ordering a suit. Attention to detail, exact personal bespoke item for you and only you. Throughout this process the same person is making you your very own power bank. Once completed, a nice personal message from the Artisan themselves will be included. Over the years, I have noticed with guys. They love personal messages with their own exclusive devices. It just makes it that much more special and fun.


I am very excited about this new product and what its future holds. If you have chosen to purchase your very own Uplond after reading this article, please do tweet your design to us. We want to know more about your power bank style.