Use Gym Mirrors to Turn Your In-Home Gym into a Professional One

Use Gym Mirrors to Turn Your In-Home Gym into a Professional One

With the increasing cases of illness, people these days are becoming more careful about their physical fitness. They want to exercise at any hour of the day as per their convenience. That is why many of them are creating small fitness centers inside their homes. They simply buy a few handy and budget-friendly machines to meet their basic fitness requirements.

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Gym wall mirror: decorating your home fitness center

Most people want to decorate their tiny fitness rooms like best professional fitness centers. And adding a mirror does much more than just enhancing the appeal of the premises. You may be excited to see your progress during intense workout routines. A large mirror on the gym wall gives you an opportunity to get active feedback.  It offers several benefits; few are listed below:

  • In order to ensure maximum output, one needs to maintain resoluteness with gym exercises. Installing a mirror at the gym can help you check your posture every time. You will be able to avoid mistakes, and it will ensure better training.
  • Wrong movements during workouts may injure your bones, muscles or ligaments. Watching yourself regularly on the gym wall mirror will help you to avoid overstraining your body.
  • People start exercising to maintain a perfect body shape while retaining good health. Many others want to lose a few pounds to get rid of obesity and excessive fat. Watching yourself continuously in the gym wall mirror may keep you motivated.

In short, mirrors for home gyms can help you become your own fitness trainer. At the same time, it makes your tiny fitness room appear brighter and bigger. Even if you are designing your gym in the garage or basement, a mirror can make it look perfect.

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Tips for Installing Home Gym Mirror

Below we have added a few ideas for installing home gym mirror:

  1. Choose the right materials:

While making a selection for a gym wall mirror, it is important to pick the right material. Two best recommendations from experts are glass and acrylic. Usually, acrylic mirrors appear lighter than glass, but they keep on attracting lots of dust. Their reflection quality also fades with time. If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, glass mirrors are the best choice.

  1. Thickness levels:

We know that gym rooms are subjected to constant vibrations and impacts. Hence, it is good to look for mirrors with higher thickness. The best recommendation is a 6mm mirror for the commercial space; however, tiny home gyms can have 4mm mirrors. They can withstand enough pressure during heavy exercises.

  1. Proper placement:

The location of the mirror in your home gym plays an essential role. It is important to pick a place where you do most of the exercises. Also, proper lighting arrangement is necessary near the mirror. Never forget to add a convenient space between the wall that has the mirror attached to it and the machines to avoid any damages.

How to Mount Your Gym Mirror?

The next important question in your mind must be about the mounting of the gym mirror. This task may appear a little tricky for beginners. But don’t worry! Below we have listed some of the best methods to ease the mounting task for you. There are three common options that you can try:

  • Use screws:

Most of the people prefer to use screws to install their home mirrors. They are useful for both temporary and permanent installation needs. Simply, drill holes of the required size into the wall and then screw tightly.

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  • Use J Channels:

Another common option is using J channels for home gym mirror. These sturdy and durable aluminum channels are easier to fit into walls. Make sure these channels are capable enough to handle the weight of your mirror.

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  • Use adhesives:

Well, if you are making a permanent gym arrangement, the self-adhering mirrors can be suitable. But note that they can be installed only on non-porous surfaces. Make sure you use the best type of adhesive to fix your mirrors permanently.

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Installing the Gym Wall Mirror

While installing a large mirror in the small space of your home gym, it is good to be careful about the space arrangement. First of all, measure the width of the wall where you are planning to install the mirror. Use a measuring tape for this purpose and do proper markings.

Now figure out what size of the mirror will be useful for your home gym. It will depend upon your personal preferences. The most common size ranges are 36 inches and 48 inches for home gyms. On the other side, the preferred height of the mirror can be 62 inches and 72 inches.

In case if you like to do yoga or a few other floor exercises, it is good to install the gym mirror close to the floor. Protection Status

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