Everyone knows that mid-century homes are iconic for a reason. They’re the perfect balance of vintage and modern design, incorporating clean lines, open spaces, and an overall sleek aesthetic into one cohesive package. When you move into a mid-century home as your residence or commercial space, it’s important to take care of it – but what does that mean? When it comes to home renovations, few styles are as divisive as mid-century modern. The class is often loved by its owners and hated by the rest of the world. But this doesn’t mean you can’t renovate a mid-century house for your needs! It might not be as easy and simple as just painting over old walls anymore! That’s where this blog post comes in. Here we’ll discuss some good tips on renovating a mid-century house without ruining the original charm. Give these tricks and ideas a try the next time you need to make updates in your living quarters!

Redo the Flooring

Mid-century homes used to have a lot of open space, but now that we live in smaller areas, it’s not always practical. You can make the room feel more spacious by replacing your hardwood or tile floors with something lighter and cleaner, like laminate flooring. If you are looking for a little warmth on the floor, you can always put down a best zeigler rugs and for even better insulation you can choose to put under it a cushioned rug pad.

Redo the Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of a home, so it’s important to update this area and keep up with current trends. One way would be adding a modern backsplash like subway tile or even some cool glass tiles for an open backsplash look that will make your kitchen feel more relaxed and airy. Kitchens are all about function, so a full kitchen island is essential to ensure that you have plenty of workspaces while making the best use of what little floor space you have available. Another great option to make your kitchen feel more current is by updating the cabinetry. One option would be replacing wood cabinets with something lighter like white shaker chest style kitchen cabinets or even open shelving. It will give you a clean, contemporary look that will work nicely with all of those new appliances and countertops.

Kitchen Design

Re-Touch Bathrooms

The bathroom is the most overlooked room in a house, but it’s also where you spend quite a bit of your time. So why not give this space an update and make it feel fresh? One thing to do is install new tile on the floor or shower. Porcelain tiles are usually durable enough for bathrooms because they don’t show dirt as easily. If you are set on updating the bases, be sure to use a neutral color like white or light gray to go with any style of decorating. You can update your bathroom without replacing fixtures by painting them in fresh colors that complement new tiles or flooring. You could also install a brand new sink or a new showerhead. When it comes to design, updates in the bathroom are all about incorporating elements that will make you feel marvelous every time you step into this space! Consider installing lighting that makes your walls look more interesting and reflective of a calming atmosphere with light colors on the flooring. Another way to update your bathroom is by installing new cabinet doors on the vanity that match the bathmat style and towels you put in there. Or if it’s not too much work, paint over all those cabinets! You could also place a chobi rugs Afghanistan with a pad on the side of your bathtub for added color and brightness.

Mix and Match old and New Furnishing

There are many ways to update your home’s style without making a drastic change. If you want a contemporary design but don’t want brand new furniture in the living room. Mix and match old pieces with newer ones! Try adding more modern furnishings on top of vintage tables or chairs passed down through generations. Add some touch-up to the upholstery, and voila, your home is looking fresh and stylish! Pick up one whimsical object that will make people smile and spread it throughout different areas of your home like Best Wall Clock.

Home furnishing

Freshen Up the Walls With Paint

It’s easy to freshen up a room with paint. You can repaint all of the walls in one colour or add an accent wall in a different shade on one side of the room- this will create some contrast that feels fresh and new. Paint walls in the trendiest colours for a fresh look.

Spruce Up the Decor With Accents

If you want to keep your style but add some new touches:

  1. Try adding accents in the form of accessories or knick-knacks around the house.
  2. Pick up one whimsical object that will make people smile and spread it throughout different areas of your home.
  3. Don’t be shy of getting creative with your decorating! You can add a bright, bold wallpaper or paint an accent wall in the bathroom.

Add Some New Furniture for Style and Comfort

A new couch will make any room feel fresh and stylish. We all have that one piece of furniture (or three) that has been sitting in the corner of your living room, waiting to be used. Now that your space is refreshed and modernized, you can finally put those pieces into use! Consider adding a few plants or flowers to complete the look.

Go for Contemporary Art

You don’t have to be an artist to select a few modern art pieces for your walls. If you’re feeling creative, try painting or drawing something representing how you feel in the now-refreshed space! Display original artwork or illustrations in your living room or kitchen for a pop of color.

Hanging up Art

Add Your Personal Touches

No matter how contemporary your new interior design is, you can leave your personal touches in the space. Add framed pictures of loved ones or a few pieces from your favorite place that remind you of home. Don’t forget to make the home your own! If you’re feeling daring, try adding a few pieces of furniture that are on-trend. However, don’t go too crazy with it. A little effort in home decor goes a long way when it comes to modern design and decorating. You want the changes in your home to be noticeable but not so drastic that it takes away from the original feeling of your home.

In a Nutshell

Your home is a representation of who you are, so everything in your space must reflect the effort and time you want to invest. With these interior design hacks, like using mirrors strategically or incorporating artwork into every room, you can make any space look gorgeous without spending too much money. And if all this talk about beautiful spaces has got you feeling inspired but short on cash? Shop our wide selection of Pakistani rugs online at RugKnots for some affordable yet stylish flooring options!