Vegan Hand Painted Handbags – Made In Italy

Vegan Hand Painted Handbags – Made In Italy

Are you looking for a bag that has a vegan message? Do you support small designers who have a passion to preserve everything made in Italy? If you are seeking a niche vegan bag which is made from the finest of Italian quality cork. Look no further LeManiglieDellAmore is your brand.

The Italian translation for this brand means being in love with your love handles. 

Made In Italy

The new renaissance message currently in Italy is all about supporting small designers who source textiles from Italy and make everything in Italy. This is getting harder to find due to the mass production of fast fashion.

The artist, Margit Platny is all about saving our planet and she decided to recreate her paintings and turn them into bags.

Margit’s passion for Italy is evident as she lives in Siena and adopts a vegan lifestyle. Everything Margit eats is locally grown in her garden.

This is Margit in her Villa also made in Italy, Paolo her amore.

Not only is this concept niche but the bags look fabulous on anyone and everyone.

Sardinia Cork

For her creations, Margit has decided to use cork leather, a natural, eco-friendly, and innovative material that grows in the beautiful island of Sardinia. The excellent quality of this embossed cork adds texture while conveying the positive energy of a natural and animal-friendly material. They feel great and are extremely durable.

Imagine a mobile art piece on your shoulder all day every day.

Not only is this concept niche but the bags look fabulous on anyone and everyone.

Horse Art Fanny Pack

When walking the streets of London you want to make sure you are handsfree.  This Horse Art Fanny Pack will keep your mobile phone and personal belongings tucked away safely.

This belt bag with removable tassels is a mini handbag featuring Margit’s personal horse painting.

When at the Savoy London waiting to be seated at a catwalk. One must feel relaxed that their bag is not in the way of being stolen. Also, that fashion shows are all about designer pieces. This is one bag that certainly was rare and stood out from any other bag.

Travel In Style

As most of us can only venture within our own countries right now. There is that yearning for many of us to revisit Italy especially Tuscany. So, for now, the only way one can feel like we are in Italy is by wearing items from Italy.

As our love handles have grown over the last few months. Don’t worry all the bags have extended straps to accommodate that extra weight we are all enduring right now.

LeManiglieDellAmore is a brand where we can literally wear supporting Italy on our shoulders.

In purchasing these bags you are part of a rebirth of supporting everything made in Italy. Keeping alive artists that truly need to be with us in the next decade.

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