Velsvoir Silhouette – Bow Ties All Day, Every Day

Velsvoir Silhouette – Bow Ties All Day, Every Day

Velsvoir silhouette - Bow Ties

At the Dolce & Gabbana opening I noticed a particular Bow Tie. It was a velvet bow tie and it dawned on me that the design was long time overdue until now. The next day I met Zak, he worked on creating the Velsvoir silhouette, a striking yet classic aesthetic bow tie, focusing on texture, cut and design. The inspiration behind these bow ties was to create a stylish piece which had character and personality, bringing the bow tie into a modern context.



New Trends

The versatility of the bow tie is that it can be worn to compliment a range of different looks. But this year men are taking it to a whole new everyday aspect. The modern dandy, as reflected in our LC:M collections, is not afraid to mix and match heritage pieces. Thus wearing a bow with tailored jeans or colourful chinos.

With summer amongst us, light linens and printed cottons work well. Just choose your shirt and team it with a cardigan or a blazer and the effect is heart throbbing. More men are also wearing Bow ties with sweaters which gives it a nice casual touch.

Equally, the classic velvet bow is a staple for gala events and soirées. There is no longer to shy away from this powerful accessory. Make sure it’s loud, bold and a reflection of who you feel to be in that given moment.

Velsvoir silhouette - Bow Ties London



Velsvoir silhouette - Bow Ties  London


Dolce & Gabbana - Velsvoir silhouette Bow Tie Matthew Zorpas

Velsvoir silhouette Bow Tie worn by Matthew Zorpas at D&G Opening


Velsvoir silhouette - Bow Ties

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