There’s nothing wrong with a slice of co ordination in your fashion life, but Byton cars have been taking it to the next degree for a while now investing their time and money matching their vehicles to their fashion style. The growth of concept vehicles this year as product placement in formula movies such as ’Fast and Furious’ has encouraged the spread of customizable interiors across Europe. With going all retro with a specified interior that matches the classic check that was once the vehicles signature. With this in mind we take a look at some of the fashion reactive trends of the jalopy industry.

Entry Level Vogue

With careful planning, you can look good on any budget and judging by the design flourishes and colours available on the Jaguar EPace you’ll have plenty of spare change for those designer shades to help you look good. The Jaguar EPace really has grown into a cool car with a range of options as varied as your moods. There’s no escaping it’s the one vehicle that other brands wish they had in their fashion stable.

Suits You Sir!

If you are a gentleman of style, taste and deportment, the mass production lines simply won’t cut it. The Italian refinement of the Maserati Quattroporte will fit you like a driving glove. Options and trim levels such as Gransport and GranLusso make hay as decisively as the finest tailored suit.

Utility For Sporting Fashion

Audi’s sporty A6 All road has definitely been eating its spinach. Flared arches and Tonka toy tyres give it just the right amount of attitude on and off-road and its versatile enough in estate form to carry all those digital essentials. Stylish not quite utility vehicle.

Vroom at the Targa Top

Just like a classic Le Mans 24 Serengeti Eyewear, the image of the AudiR8 Spyder is irrevocably fused with success and sporty aplomb; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t approach the brand without a sense of limousine style luxury when you head into town. The Panamera model is a schizophrenic fusion of speed and style with luscious profile muscle that flexes when required to match your own. Some restrained tasteful vroom.

Every Person Appeal

If a vehicle was truly classless and appeals across the board, nothing can match a Range Rover. It’s an effortless statement of lifestyle if you shop at Pretty Green or Superdry or lunch at the W Hotel’s across the globe. It’s available in such a range of colours and trims levels that you’ll rarely have to use it to carry that fashion wardrobe around in its copious, stylish rear.

It really is the only the best Amazon Prime accessory you’ll ever need. Ah well, back to the Lada!