Screen Recording – 3 Useful Ways To Take Advantage

Screen Recording – 3 Useful Ways To Take Advantage

Have you explored some of the many different ways that screen recording can be used? Make no mistake being able to capture video footage directly from your screen can be extremely useful in a wide range of situations – provided you know how to take advantage of it.

In fact that would be a good place to start, and you could explore some of the more useful ways in which it is possible to capitalize on screen recording:

Save Online Video Calls For Future Reference

One of the advantages of digital communication is that most can be saved. That is the case with email, instant messaging, and various other forms of communication – but not video calls.

Most of the video calling platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts and others do not have a feature for you to save the content of your calls. That can be rectified by using screen recording to directly record the video call from your screen and save it for future reference.

As you can imagine this can be very useful, not only to save personal calls but business communication as well. The only caveat is that your screen recorder must be able to capture microphone audio for it to work.

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Save Online Streaming Videos From Any Platform

In the same way screen recording can be used to record video calls, you can also use it to save online streaming videos from practically any platform. Essential you could save YouTube videos, content from Netflix, or even livestreams from twitch by using Movavi Screen Recorder for example.

While it isn’t difficult to record online streaming videos from your screen, it may help if you can automate the recording. That way if you want to save longer videos you don’t need to be present to manually stop it when it is done.

Capture Video Footage Of Bugs And Issues To Explain Them Better

Trying to explain a bug or issues that you encountered but can’t seem to get the point across? Instead of struggling to paint a picture with words to describe it, why not capture video footage of it?

Not only will this make it easier for you to explain the issue when you contact technical support – but it will also let you look for help elsewhere. For example you could upload the video to YouTube and link to it on forums or social media to increase your odds of getting help.

Starting to have a better idea of the ways that you can take advantage of screen recording? Make no mistake there are lots of other methods in which it can be used, but suffice to say its ability to capture and save content is unparalleled.

If you don’t already have a screen recorder you could look into using the built-in screen recorder of sorts on Windows 10, or the screen capture interface on MacOS. In the long run it will definitely be useful to get a more robust screen recorder however, with better features. Protection Status

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