Wedding Suits For Men – What not to Wear

Wedding Suits For Men – What not to Wear

Wedding vests for men 2013

Oh dear. I can’t comprehend that in 2013 men are still wearing dated vests and suits that don’t fit. So why are men hiring their wedding suits? Why are we seeing the  same white vest worn at different weddings? Why are men not spending money and time on the most important day? More so, why are their wives to be, allowing it? Marriage is such an awesome concept. For better or worse or in sickness and in health. Gentleman, please think about your wedding suit. She and you are worth it.

The Hire Suit

The groom to be  figures out it’s not a good investment, to pay £300_£500 for a suit he gets to keep and that was tailored to fit him. But he is happier to pay £150 for an ill-fitting suit from rentals that will look big on him. The main issue when  hiring a suit is it just simply limits you. They give you a few samples to try on. They rarely fit you properly. In most cases the suit is too big and very unattractive. A great tip is when you try your suit on. Get a mate to take a photo of you, put it on your Facebook and let everyone get an idea of how you look. Ask does this suit represent my personality? Is it me?  Does this suit fit properly or is it too big? Then go away and try some more suits on. These days there are many affordable suits out there. Don’t look at your wedding day as the only time to dress up. Suits are becoming well worn on many occasions. You have to understand one thing. You must  give yourself some suit time. Yes it may take more than one day. Just have fun with it and your mates.

The Hired Vest

The white hired vest, I can only describe it as your grand mother’s curtains been recycled. It’s been around as long as she has. I don’t know why any man would hire a vest. Topman, Desigual,  ZARA, Paul Smith, Ted Baker or any department store have many cool high end vests. You can update your wedding image and look great.

Grey wedding suits for men 2013 and white vests

Nice colour suit. Ditch the vest and buy an update version

Grey wedding suits for men 2013 and white vests

These vests linger on. Hired suits won’t fit. Look at the length of their trousers. Plus they are very short and the long jacket is not right for their body type.

Suit that is too big -not a good look

The suit is far too big and the wrong design for his body shape.

White vest not good if you have big belly

Yep there is the vest again.  White is not good for big tummy’s.

Grey wedding suits for men 2013 and white vests

I’ve seen this vest before at another wedding. The guy in the middle looks cool but his vest lets him down.

Grey wedding suits for men 2013 and white vests

Burn the vest. Get your own one.

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