Winter Coat Trends – In The Football Scene

Winter Coat Trends – In The Football Scene

The temperatures are finally going down, and there are some places that will be downright freezing in a month or two, you can’t really escape it, but you can invest in something that can help you, like a winter coat.

If it’s really cold outside, you should know what you should wear in order to keep yourself warm, not every piece of clothing will help stay warm since some of them don’t even stop cold at all. So in this article, we’re going to show you where you should be investing, and which are the best in our opinion.

We will focus on the football scene in this article, but these jackets are a good fit for anyone that’s physically active.

Insulation Type

If you don’t know already there are two types of insulation in jacked, we have down and synthetic down is more traditionally made from the soft plumage of animals, like a duck for example, it has a predetermined structure that helps you maintain body heat while at the same time not letting any cold air in. They are, however, quite pricey and very finicky to wash with some of them even requiring some special attention in some areas. Recently there has been quite a lot of protests against winter clothes brand Canada Goose because of how they source their own material, and now other brands are in search of a more ethical and affordable way to keep production running.

“Clothing brands such as the CP Company, has already revolutionized the way jackets are produced, manufactured and sold to the public, and most will follow soon.”

Synthetic coats don’t have any animal plumage in them, going with a polyester construction, where the fibres are made in such a way that they create air pockets, they aren’t heavy, you can pack them pretty easily and best of all, they keep you warm, but not as warm as a down jacket, they are also overall less durable so they will last you a lot less time. They are, however quite cheap and straightforward to wash and care for. They suit any type of active person who likes to make more than a sweat when going outdoors.

What Jacket Should You Buy?

Obviously, before we had synthetic jackets there were other types of coats around that kept us warm, like a duffle coat, for example, which is still by far one of the most durable and cosiest non-technical styles of the jacket around. Even before you go to a store, you should consider what jacket would best fit you. How many times do you play football per week? Need to wash it how often? What’s your budget for it? Do you require some sort of specific qualities in it? Like breathable or is it waterproof? Want to look stylish or do you just want something natural and easy?


The North Face Gotham III

With the Gotham 3, you could spend a lot more for a winter jacket, but it brings out great quality and value for just $300, it’s quite a war, it looks fantastic, and the value like we mentioned is excellent.

It does, however, have an extremely casual look to it and it isn’t ideal for the countryside, you also won’t get the same heat or cosiness as some of the higher-end jackets, but these problems are so tiny that many, many people have bought the Gotham 3, for women please take the notion that the shell isn’t waterproof it lacks exterior chest pockets.

The North Face Gotham III

Adidas Tire 17 Presentation Jacket

Want a jacket that will make you look like you’re the team captain? Well, look no further than the Adidas Tire 17, with a smooth woven fabric that is light and keeps you cool even if you have layers under it, not only is it a great walkout day to day jacket but it fits any sport.

It has front zip pockets to keep your hands warm, a hood, great detailing across the chest and a slim fit cost around $30 this jacket is incredible for any situation.

Adidas Tire 17 Presentation Jacket

Nike Park 18 Knit Track Jacket

This is a tracksuit from Nike’s brand new Park 18 line of items that are made with a lot of attention to detail, and it gives you a great bang for your buck. You can wear it anytime whether you’re representing your club or your school, or even just working out normally.

With a great Dri-Fit fabric that will keep you dry and refreshed in warm conditions, a stand-up collar with hand pockets and a full front zipper, and made entirely out of polyester, for just $16 this is a great addition to your collection.

When winter arrives and you want to play football, it’s always a good idea to have a good jacket on your hands, we’ve explained the very basics of picking your own jacket and what to watch out for and we even gave some recommendations, there are many brands, styles and colours to pick from, so have fun looking for one that you like and stay warm out there!

Nike Park 18 Knit Track Jacket Protection Status

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