Long and Healthy hair is A Sign of Beauty. Beautiful hair makes a person more confident. But Unfortunately, Nowadays, hair loss is a significant issue in men and women. Every 5 out of 1 person face’s this issue. There are many different reasons for hair loss. Maybe it is because of some health issue or genetic problem. According to Research in 2014 held in the USA, approximately 35 million men in the United States suffer from hair loss, and about 21 million women are affected by hair loss. In which men are representing a higher percentage of hair loss victims.

The likelihood that men suffer hair loss significantly increases with age. By the age of 35, approximately 40 percent of men suffer from visible hair loss, while by the age of 60, this percentage jumps to 65. That means that almost half of men, by their late-forties or early-fifties, suffer from noticeable hair loss.

Surprisingly, the numbers for women are even higher. A different survey suggests that by age 40, approximately 40 percent of women suffer from hair loss. By age 60, roughly 80 percent of women suffer some degree of noticeable hair loss, according to a survey by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

There are different hair loss treatments in which hair transplant, hair medication, scalp micropigmentation, or hairline tattoos are included. Hairline tattoos or scalp micropigmentation are more economical than hair transplantation or hair loss medication. People avail themselves of these options and satisfy with the result.

Let’s talk about hairline tattoos; what are hairline tattoos, whether it is valid or not.

What Is a Hairline Tattoo?

Hairline tattoos are an advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. It is a very complex procedure. The procedure is work by injecting pigment into the scalp. Hairline Tattoos are similar to scalp micropigmentation. But the process of scalp micro-pigmentation and this hairline tattoos are different. In hairline tattoos, the microneedle is used and injected into Top layers of skin, making it look like hairs, not artificial paint. The ink that is used in pigmentation is matched with the tone of the original hair colour.

Many people Prefer hairline tattoos because it is pocket-friendly, and also, you can customize it by your own choice according to your head shape.

The Procedure of Hairline Tattoos

Hairline tattoos have three sessions. The first one is consultation, in which you decide the style, which goes with your head shape. In the second session, the first treatment session in which a new look creates on your head. The second treatment session depends on the patient, demanding the patient want a darker shade than the third session conduct; otherwise, it is not essential. The third session rarely happens.

Are Hairline Tattoos Painful Like Other Tattoos?

Hairline tattoos are not a painful treatment. In this procedure, there is mild discomfort. It is less painful than other tattoos because the needle which Is used in This treatment is microneedle.

Are Hairline Tattoos Permanent?

No, Hairline tattoos are not long-lasting. It is just for 3 to 6 years after it becomes Fade, and it will need a touch-up.

What Does It Cost?

Hairline tattoos are not expensive. The minimum cost of hairline tattoos is $1500 to $3000. If a patient wants full head tattoos, then it will cost up to $4000.

Does It Damage Hair Follicles?

No, hairline tattoos never damage hair follicles because it is not injected deep which damage hair follicle. It is on the top layer of the head, so the hair follicles are safe.

Suppose there are many pros of hairline tattoos. It also has some cons, which are uncovered, like if you are done with hairline tattoos, then your hairstyle will be permanent. You can’t change your hairstyle, and continuously, you have to shave your original hair.