LX Lab has gone a long way to tailor and target its luxury candle collection for the more perspicacious men in the world that love the art of seduction.

Its website states “Tailored for men, the candle collection evokes vivid steamy memories and is inspired by a fictional journey through the eyes of an unknown protagonist.”

With two distinct ranges, it is bursting with masculine blended notes, we have:

AM – a Softer and Lighter Range to Fit Your Daytime Agenda

Featuring a sporty grey design with a punchy cherry red accent we have the following LX LAB AM candles:

Sicilian Kiss

Sicilian Kiss Candle LX lab

Zesty Lemon mixes with a blend of sparkling citrus notes for a true-to-life, clean fragrance with a relaxing, warm, natural scent of vanilla bean for added pleasure. This candle is sure to help take your room of choice to a new level with a fresh, summery feeling.

Summer Fling

Summer Fling Candle LX-Lab
A crisp, uplifting and memorable scent indeed. The fresh citrus cologne with a hint of rosemary delivers a lively burst of energy, helping to revitalise that distinctive summer passion feeling. Pure, natural energy in a candle.

Steamy Shower

Steamy Shower Candle LX Lab
A great choice to indulge your senses with a luxurious treat after a long day at work! This candle is made with clean notes of mandarin and eucalyptus, on the base of powdery sheer musk that will surely fill your room with a fresh feeling scent.

Men in Suits

Men in suits candle LX-labs
With its distinct scents of cedarwood and pine needle, Men in Suits is particularly intoxicating as it is subtly masculine in smell. It certainly awakens a suave sense of valiant alpha emotions. The hints of clove and moss play their part to ensure the overall scent is seductive and well balanced.

PM – a Heavier, More Powerful Range to Fit Your Evening and Nighttime World.

Designed in a sleek matte black vessel with a flash of hot magenta we have the following LA Lab PM candles:

The Morning After

The morning after candle lx-labs
A blend of Amber fragrance on a base of patchouli and is a classic. The dry heat of earthy vetiver creates a comfortable velvety warmth. The patchouli and vetiver combine to form a rich yet subtle, making for a versatile soft fragrance that works so well.

Walk of Shame

walk of shame candle by Lx labs
Aromatic notes of black pepper, with a heart of orris root, which is considered a key ingredient when concocting magic love spells for women. The cashmere musk offers a delicate and comforting fragrance with subtle spice nuances and gentle woods. A personal favourite!

Dirty Weekend

dirty weekend candle by lx-labs
Certainly, a memorable, unique fragrance that will linger around your home long after your flame has left the building. The particularly sweet, woody bergamot fragrance and oud certainly evokes that alluring feeling of an impending dirty weekend.


Rendez vous candle by lx-labs
A smokey blend of vetiver, cedarwood and amber woods to create a calm, inviting and comforting atmosphere in your room of choice. With its sweet musky undertones, it certainly makes this candle a seductively intoxicating scent to enjoy.


The LX Lab candle range delivers powerful, masculine fragrances that evoke feelings and emotions which are aligned to the brand’s top-line messages. The scents dissipate well throughout small or large rooms. They are long-lasting and surprisingly did not give me a headache, which is usually common with some other brands. All in all – quality scented candles that are worth the investment.