The city of Toronto gets a harsh winter. It gets dark earlier and colder too. Drivers have nightmares of waking up early to heat their cars and wipe the snow and ice off the windshield.

Hopefully, their car starts, so that the adventure can begin! With a few helpful tips, you can give yourself the best chance possible at a smooth drive on even the coldest and snowiest days. Please read on to learn how Toronto drivers can more easily survive the winter.

A Great Mechanic

You can’t really judge how a car performs unless it’s tuned up properly. Even excellent cars don’t perform well when something isn’t right under the hood. The best auto service solution involves an all-in-one shop with expert mechanics who handle all problems and services.

From standard factory-scheduled maintenance, hybrid battery testing to changing your snow tires, ensure your car is at its best when roads are at their worst. Don’t drive in winter without snow tires, and get a thumbs up from a great mechanic.

Gloves and a Toque

It’s a really good idea to keep a pair of gloves and a toque handy in your car. Even if you have a garage at home and your car is warm from the time you get in, you never know if you’re going to have engine problems or tire trouble requiring you to leave your car and check what’s wrong.

In fact, keep a blanket in your trunk, too, in case you’re stranded in the cold for an extended period of time. While this scenario is very unlikely to occur, it’s better to be over- rather than under-prepared!

Bag of Sand

It may sound like a funny winter driving requirement, but every experienced winter driver in Canada knows you need extra traction in the back of your vehicle when roads are slick or you could get stuck on ice. A bag of sand or cat litter works great.

A few factors determine the level of traction you get on the road, from the road’s conditions, the car’s weight, the suspension, the tread on the tire, and more. Even in larger SUVs with four-wheel drive, you’ll be glad you had that extra weight when you feel yourself sliding.


Finally, drivers must be calm and patient when facing winter conditions. Accidents tend to go up in the early days of winter driving because people are accustomed to driving at the same speed they do in summer.

Slow down to the speed that feels safe, even if it’s under the speed limit. Nothing matters more than the safety of people inside and outside your car! Snowbanks narrow roads, and ice makes them slippery.

It’s impossible to navigate the streets safely without slowing down, so be patient as you weave through the city. If you try driving too quickly and lose control of the vehicle, you can damage your car or cause an injury. Harming property or people is the last thing anybody wants! Be patient to avoid accidents, which could cause irreparable harm and delays, too!

Winter driving in Toronto, or at any time, can be challenging. It doesn’t have to be impossible or unsafe if you keep the above in mind.