The 1980s era is well known for its celebrities, fashion, and movies, but also its music. Funk and electro music help it to evolve in the music industry at that time. Many celebrity icons are famous in this era, including Madonna, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Freddie Mercury, John Hughes, the king of pop Michael Jackson and more. They are famous not only because of their style and acting talent but also their hairstyle.

The 80’s Iconic Hairstyle

In today’s era, not only is 1980s fashion making a reappearance in the present but so are contemporary features with new features and appearances. It is not difficult to find any 80s hairstyle inspiration. Let’s look at some of the looks to help you select which famous style you should try these days.

1.  High Top Fade

high top fade

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the high-top fade sometimes referred to as the hi-top fade, reached its peak as an everyday hairstyle for black men. However, the high-top fade is returning and is racially neutral. High-top haircuts are becoming fashionable for men of various cultures that provide a wide range of styles and variants these days, even though they are most frequently seen on black guys with black hair.

2.  Pretty Boy Hair

emilio estevez 1980s

It is ideal for males who like this finely groomed appearance with only a trace of roughness and wants to project a trustworthy presence. Emilio Estevez’s most recognizable example of this hairdo was popular among those looking for a more restrained alternative to previous popular trends. It is currently all the trend nowadays. With short sides and long, flowing tops may take more effort to style and maintain, but the result is unquestionably a cute cut that girls will adore.

3.  The Buzz Cut

buzz cut

Short hair all around is the best way to describe the buzz cut. During buzz cuts, the top of your hair is “buzzed” to one length using electric clippers. Additionally, the buzz-cut hairstyle can be extended to the sides or paired with a low, mid, or high fade. The outcome is the buzz cut fade, which is the most well-liked variation of this extremely short hairdo. You will have no trouble styling this cut because it is minimal maintenance and ready to go, making it ideal for busy men.

4.  Slicked Back

slicked back hair men

This retro haircut was a favorite of Wall Street stockbrokers and the Hollywood elite because it was dapper and masculine. It is now one of the most famous hairstyles of the present. Additionally, it is also easy to cut and style, but for the perfect sparkling finish, you need a good haircut and strong styling products. In the end, slicked-back looks have developed over time. The sides and back of the contemporary smooth back have a fade or undercut.

5.  The Mullet


Given the wide variety of hairstyles accessible now, it is understandable why history is repeating itself, and the hairstyle is gradually returning to fashion. The mullet haircut men are one of the haircuts that is unquestionably popular in the southern states and has even made it to Hollywood. It is unexpectedly attractive and works well with a variety of face shapes because it is short in the front and long in the back. When we hear the word “mullet,” two pictures come to mind: one of a fish and the other of a hugely fashionable hairstyle. When we went back to find out where the haircut got its name, we discovered that the Mullet was called after the hip-hop group Beastie Boys.

6.  The Jheri Curl

Curls were known to be softened and relaxed in varying degrees by the Jheri curl perm, making them looser. However, anyone with curly hair could, and still could, use it. It was undeniably one of the most iconic ’80s haircuts for both men and women of color. The only issue is that since the 1980s were all about excess, the Jheri curl was occasionally overdone. The key to using it or a comparable product today is to start small and add a little at a time.

The popular music, movies, fashion, idols, and technological advancements of each decade help to define it. Without question, punk music, clothing, and especially hairstyles helped to define the ’80s. With modern features and look, iconic hairstyles never run out of style.